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This album comes from the French Harpsichord Music box-set, containing the first 7 CD’s out of 29.

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Composer: Jacques Champion de Chambonnières, Jean-Henry d’Anglebert, Gaspard Le Roux
Artists: Pieter-Jan Belder (harpsichord), Michael Borgstede (harpsichord), Yago Mahúgo (harpsichord), Francesco Cera (harpsichord), Franz Silvestri (harpsichord)

Brilliant Classics is proud to have released a number of harpsichord music of the highest quality over the past few years. This collection brings these works together, as well as never before published recordings, allowing the listener to soak up the sounds of 17th- and 18th-century France in its most intimate, domestic setting.

The release starts with Jean Henri d’Anglebert, featuring four of his extensive suites. Each begins with a precisely notated prelude, followed by various dance movements of lively gigues and slow sarabandes. Anglebert’s complex ornamentation system was so admired that it would later be copied by J.S. Bach. Francesco Cera, described as ‘one of the most promising talents in Italy’, performs the works. Jacques Champion de Chambonnières comes next; known as the ‘founding father’ of the French harpsichord tradition, he worked in the courts of both Louis XIII and XIV as a dancer and musician. Franz Silvestri plays on a modern-day harpsichord after Vaudry, Chambonnières’ suites reflect the regal French court at its peak. Pieter-Jan Belder, whose recordings span keyboard music from across Europe during this period, chooses to put the spotlight on Le Roux, a shadowy figure about whom not much is known. He has left us with a beguiling set of harpsichord suites, unusually printed twice: once for one harpsichord and one as an alternative setting for two harpsichords.

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