A cup of hot tea, a New Age song that melts my heart

당신 의 마음 을 편안 하게 만들어 주는’베이 지멜로 우’입니다. It’s “Beige Mellow” that makes you feel at ease.I hope you have a happy day today too. 🔔 Please Subscribe! Https://bit.ly/2CZ4iF5 PLAYLIST 1.[00:00] Bae Go-eun – Dance with you 2.[02:16] Bae Eun-seo – In Two Eyes 3.[04:31] 배성모-Remember Your Dream
4.[09:03] Go-eun Bae – Like a flower withering 5.[11:16] Seongmo Bae – Smile Again 6.[15:40] Bae Eun-seo – Starlight Shines 7.[18:16] Seongmo Bae-First Love 8.[22:28] Bae Eun-seo – Gaze 9.[24:58] Go-eun Bae-Happy Eyes 10.[27:31] Bae Eun-seo – Always 11 for me.[29:53] 배성모-Return To There
12.[34:24] Bae Eun-seo – When Night Comes 13.[36:48] Seongmo Bae – Fading 14.[41:35] Bae Eun-seo – To Someone 15.[44:01] Seongmo Bae – Memories become stars 16.[47:29] Bae Eun-seo – Threshold 17.[49:56] 배성모-Eternal Flower
18.[53:12] Seongmo Bae-Spring Waltz 19.[57:11] Bae Eun-seo – Don’t Cry 20.[59:44] Bae Eun-seo – You worked hard today 21.[01:02:17] 배성모-Color The Remaining
22.[01:06:06] Seongmo Bae-Sweet 23.[01:09:13] Bae Eun-seo – Postcard 24.[01:11:49] Bae Seong-mo – vaguely 🔔 All sound sources used in ‘Beige Mellow’ are used with a confirmed license, and since they are copyrighted sound sources, they cannot be used outside the channel or as BGM. All songs at ‘Beige Mellow’ are properly licensed and protected. They cannot be used out of this channel nor as BGM for 3rd parties’ content.


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