A Spanish Portrait: Llobet, Tárrega, Granados, Albeniz

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Composer: Enrique Granados, Francisco Tárrega, Isaac Albéniz, Miguel Llobet Solés
Artists: Luigi Attademo historical Torres guitar

A musical portrait of a master guitar-maker of the 19th century.

Great instruments have always been associated with great musicians, and this is true in the guitar world too, at least from the early 19th century onwards. Early in his career, Antonio de Torres (1817-1892), like other luthiers before him, found a performer ideally suited to his instruments – the young Andalusian guitarist Julián Arcas. The technical innovations in construction and timbre pioneered by Torres enabled Arcas to give full expression to his artistry in works such as the florid Fantasía sobre El paño o sea Punto de La Habana with which Luigi Attademo opens this new studio album.

00:00:00 Fantasía sobre el paño o sea punto de la Habana
00:05:23 El delirio
00:09:46 Adelita in E Minor
00:11:11 Sueño
00:12:47 Mazurka en sol
00:15:13 Marieta
00:17:13 Danza española No. 5 “Andaluza”
00:22:06 Preludio No. 5 in E Major
00:23:43 Preludio No. 2 in A Minor
00:25:46 Preludio No. 1 in D Minor
00:27:10 Endecha y oremus
00:28:11 Leyenda
00:36:02 12 Piezas características, Op. 92: XII. Torre bermeja, serenata
00:40:49 Cançó del lladre
00:42:20 El testament d’Amelia in D Minor
00:44:06 Lo fill del rei
00:45:47 Plany
00:47:45 Variaciones sobre un tema de Sor

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