A warm collection of piano pieces that soothes a hard and weary heart

당신 의 마음 을 편안 하게 만들어 주는’베이 지멜로 우’입니다. It’s “Beige Mellow” that makes you feel at ease.I hope you have a happy day today too. 🔔 Please Subscribe! Https://bit.ly/2CZ4iF5

[00:00]1. Do Mi-ae – Love as if it were the last
[02:43]2. Danielion – It’s still warm.
[05:07]3. Do Mi-ae – as it is, unchanged
[07:40]4. Danielion (Danielion) – Consolation of longing
[10:17]5. Do Mi-ae – White Face
[13:02]6. Danielion – Happiness is starting to show
[15:50]7. Do Mi-ae – Smiles and laughter
[18:41]8. Danielion – Warmth
[21:06]9. Do Mi-ae – Your Touch
[23:55]10. Do Mi-ae – Love in Hands
[26:30]11. Do Mi-ae – A Day That Gives You Happiness
[29:27]12. Do Mi-ae – Joy and Joy
[32:02]13. Do Mi-ae – A Precious Day
[34:50]14. Do Mi-ae – Love Like the First Time
[37:19]15. Do Min-Kyu – The biggest in the world
[39:53]16. Do Min-Kyu
[42:29]17. Do Min-Kyu – Mom
[45:07]18. Do Min-Kyu – Entrance Ceremony
[47:41]19. Do Min-Kyu – Wandering
[50:17]20. Do Min-Kyu – The Dream
[53:07]21. Do Min-Kyu – Lake Park
[55:44]22. Do Min-Kyu – Hill
[58:31]23. Do Min-Kyu – The Day I Miss You
[01:01:17]24. Do Min-Kyu – Now
[01:04:18]25. Do Min-Kyu -Sound 🔔 All sound sources used in ‘Beige Mellow’ are licensed and used. All songs at ‘Beige Mellow’ are properly licensed and protected. They cannot be used out of this channel nor as BGM for 3rd parties’ content.

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