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This album contains the major cyclical works by Alkan, presented by Piano Classics, a label of Brilliant Classics.

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This album contains the major cyclical works by Alkan: the complete Études dans tous les tons mineurs Op. 39, the Sonata “Les quatre âges” and the Sonatina. These towering works of unprecedented proportions, difficulty and originality form a landmark of 19th century pianism, only comparable with Liszt’s compositions in these genres. Alkan’s deep musicality and humanity lift these works from mere curiosities (or monstrosities..) to genuine and universal works of art.

Composer: Charles-Valentin Alkan
Artist: Vincenzo Maltempo (piano)

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12 Études dans les tons mineurs, Op. 39:
00:00:00 No. 1. Comme le vent
00:04:40 No. 2. En rythme molossique
00:13:07 No. 3. Scherzo diabolico
00:17:52 No. 4. Symphonie I
00:28:42 No. 5. Symphonie II
00:36:28 No. 6. Symphonie III
00:42:04 No. 7. Symphonie IV

3 Morceaux dans le genre pathétique, Op. 15:
00:46:40 No. 1. Aime-moi
00:56:42 No. 2. Le vent
01:04:48 No. 3. Morte

12 Études dans les tons mineurs, Op. 39:
01:17:40 No. 8. Concerto I
01:46:56 No. 9. Concerto II
01:59:00 No. 10. Concerto III
02:08:56 No. 11. Ouverture
02:23:45 No. 12. Le festin d’Esope

Grande sonate, Op. 33, “Les quatre ages” (The four ages):
02:33:19 I. 20 ans: Tres vite
02:39:53 II. 30 ans: Quasi-Faust: Assez vite
02:52:35 III. 40 ans: Un heureux menage (A happy household): Lentement
03:05:50 IV. 50 ans: Promethee enchaine (Prometheus enchained): Extremement lent

Sonatine, Op. 61
03:14:32 I. Allegro vivace
03:20:04 II. Allegramente
03:24:09 III. Scherzo-Minuet
03:28:19 IV. Coda: Tempo giusto

03:33:29 3 Grandes études, Op. 76: No. 3. Étude a mouvement semblable et perpetuel

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