Bach Cello Suite No. 1: Gigue (for Three Cellos)

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The Gigue from J.S. Bach’s cello suite no. 1 in G Major, arranged for three cellos.
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**SHEET MUSIC: Sheet music for all six movements, arranged for three cellos is available here:

Performed live by cellists Cicely Parnas, Patrick Laird, and Christine Lamprea for Brooklyn Classical.

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We had so much fun performing this arrangement! Cicely did such an incredible job with arranging the suite for three cellos – it’s an entirely new and fresh way to hear this iconic piece. And for cellists, it’s such a rewarding way to perform it. The first cello part remains the same as the original, so if you’ve already learned the piece, you can perform it easily with cello friends. The other cello parts really help to hear the harmonies of the piece, and performing it as a trio helps keep you in line rhythmically. If you’re interested in playing the piece yourself, you can pick up the arrangement here:

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Recorded at Brooklyn Duo’s Studio
Engineered by Patrick Laird
Mixed and mastered by Patrick Laird

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