Bach Double: Rachel Podger & Elizabeth Blumenstock BWV 1043 (Violin Concerto in D Minor) 4K

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The “Largo ma non tanto” from the Concerto for Two violins in D Minor (BWV 1043) by J.S. Bach, performed on original instruments by the Early Music Ensemble Voices of Music. Rachel Podger & Elizabeth Blumenstock, soloists; live, 4K UHD video from our concert at the Berkeley Early Music Festival, June, 2016.
The Concerto for two violins, strings, and basso continuo in D Minor (BWV 1043) of J.S. Bach is surely one of the most complex, entrancing and beautiful of all of the concertos from the baroque period.
Voices of Music:
Every two years, the San Francisco Early Music Society presents some of the finest ensembles in the world at the Berkeley Early Music Festival; we hope you enjoy this work from the “Art of the Baroque Violin” concert with Rachel Podger.
Voices of Music
Hanneke van Proosdij & David Tayler, directors
Rachel Podger, baroque violin by Pesarinius, Genoa, 1739
Elizabeth Blumenstock, baroque violin by Andrea Guarneri, Cremona, 1660 (courtesy Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra Trust)
Carla Moore, baroque violin by Johann Georg Thir, Vienna, Austria, 1754
Kati Kyme, baroque violin by Johann Gottlob Pfretzschner, Mittenwald, 1791
Lisa Grodin, baroque viola by Mathias Eberl, Salzburg, Austria, 1680
William Skeen, five string baroque cello, Anonymous, Italy, c1680
Farley Pearce, violone by George Stoppani, Manchester, 1985, after Amati, 1560
Katherine Heater, baroque organ by Winold van der Putten, Finsterwolde, Netherlands, 2004
David Tayler, archlute by Andreas von Holst, Munich, 2010.

Special thanks to the San Francisco Early Music Society and BFX 2016 for presenting these concerts.


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