Bach: Violin Concertos Transcriptions for Organ (Full Album)

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A deeply personal project, this transcription for organ of three of Bach’s works for violin and orchestra represents the fulfilment of a dream more than 20 years in the making. Organist Daniele Boccaccio admits that, originally, he thought it impossible to create an effective and faithful transcription of these pieces with which he fell in love at the age of 21. After years of fermentation, however, the idea grew irresistible. The result is compelling, and Boccaccio treads a well-chosen path that prioritises fidelity – his approach to the transcribing process informed by Bach’s own transcriptions of Vivaldi Concertos – but leaves room for personalisation, and makes sure that the ensuing pieces are never lacking in fullness. More than two decades after his initial discovery of the Bach works, Boccaccio has succeeded in bringing them well and truly into the realm of his instrument.

Boccacio remains the youngest ever winner of the Noale National Organ Competition (1985). He has gone on to enjoy a varied career as an organist, participating in a wide array of performances, recordings, teaching and masterclasses in Italy, Austria and beyond.

00:00:00 Concerto in D Major, BWV 1042: I. Allegro
00:07:44 Concerto in D Major, BWV 1042: II. Adagio
00:13:40 Concerto in D Major, BWV 1042: III. Allegro assai
00:16:31 Concerto in G Minor, BWV 1041: I. Allegro
00:20:23 Concerto in G Minor, BWV 1041: II. Andante
00:26:38 Concerto in G Minor, BWV 1041: III. Allegro assai
00:30:34 Concerto in C Minor, BWV 1043: I. Vivace
00:34:26 Concerto in C Minor, BWV 1043: II. Largo, ma non tanto
00:40:57 Concerto in C Minor, BWV 1043: III. Allegro


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