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The 18th-century Dutch Republic served as a magnet attracting musicians across Europe. It was one of the wealthiest of European countries. Celebrities such as Handel and Mozart may have passed through only briefly, but others such as Locatelli made a permanent home in the republic and introduced many foreign musical languages to local composers.

Composers: Anton Wilhelm Solnitz, Albertus Groneman, Conrad Friedrich Hurlebusch, Johann Christian Schickhardt, Pieter Hellendaal, Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer, Willem de Fesch
Artists: Combattimento Consort Amsterdam, Jan Willem de Vriend (conductor), Musica Ad Rhenem, Jed Wentz (traverso)

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Pieter Hellendaal
Concerto grosso I in G Minor, Op. 3:
00:00:00 I. Ouverture-Grave
00:01:54 II. Allegro
00:03:59 III. Largo
00:06:20 IV. Presto
00:07:53 V. Menuet

Concerto grosso II in D Minor, Op. 3:
00:09:37 I. Ouverture-Largo
00:11:19 II. Allegro
00:14:04 III. Affettuoso
00:16:15 IV. Presto
00:19:13 V. Borea

Concerto grosso III in F Major, Op. 3:
00:20:36 I. Largo
00:22:29 II. Allegro
00:24:30 III. Adagio
00:26:42 IV. Alla breve
00:27:59 V. March

Concerto grosso IV in E-Flat Major, Op. 3:
00:31:17 I. Grave sostenuto
00:34:44 II. Alle breve
00:36:20 III. Affettuoso
00:38:16 IV. Presto
00:39:56 V. Pastorale

Concerto grosso V in D Major, Op. 3:
00:44:02 I. Largo
00:47:35 II. Allegro
00:51:33 III. Larghetto
00:56:25 IV. Allegro
00:58:41 V. March

Concerto grosso VI in F Major, Op. 3:
01:01:14 I. Largo
01:02:41 II. Allegro
01:07:03 III. Adagio
01:09:32 IV. Allegro
01:12:18 V. Menuet

Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer
Concerto I in G Major:
01:14:26 I. Grave-Allegro
01:18:58 II. Grave. Stacato
01:23:10 III. Allegro

Concerto II in B-Flat Major:
01:25:26 I. Lagro andante
01:29:41 II. Da capella. Presto
01:31:19 III. Largo affettuoso
01:33:29 IV. Allegro moderato staccato

01:36:12 Concerto III in A Major: I. Grave-Da capella. Canone di Palestrina-Adagio
01:39:33 Concerto II in B-Flat Major: II. Largo andante
01:42:06 Concerto II in B-Flat Major: III. Vivace

Concerto IV in G Major:
01:45:16 I. Largo
01:47:31 II. Da capella. Non presto
01:49:18 III. Largo affettuoso
01:53:13 IV. Allegro

Concerto V in F Minor:
01:55:17 I. Adagio-Largo
01:58:21 II. Da capella
02:00:19 III. Con sordini
02:03:53 IV. A tempo giusto

Concerto VI in E-Flat Major:
02:05:23 I. Affettuoso
02:08:20 II. Presto
02:11:38 III. Vivace

Willem de Fesch
Concerto 4 in D Major:
02:13:56 I. Allegro
02:16:20 II. Largo e cantabile
02:19:29 III. Vivace

Concerto 5 in C Minor:
02:21:53 I. Allegro
02:25:55 II. Largo
02:28:40 III. Vivace

Concerto 3 in G Major:
02:31:24 I. Adagio-Allegro
02:34:36 II. Largo
02:37:03 III. Vivace

Concerto 2 in G Minor:
02:38:44 I. Adagio
02:40:57 II. Allegro, ma non troppo
02:42:46 III. Grave
02:44:43 IV. Arioso
02:46:33 V. Tempo di gavotte

Concerto 6 in E Major:
02:47:53 I. Largetto, presto, largetto, presto-largo-allegro
02:52:09 II. Adagio
02:55:27 III. Vivace

Concerto 1 in D Major:
02:58:44 I. Largo
03:00:49 II. Vivace
03:02:37 III. Largo
03:04:21 IV. Giga

Johann Christian Schickhardt
Concerto in G Minor:
03:06:19 I. Allegro
03:10:16 II. Adagio
03:14:12 III. Un poco allegro
03:16:51 IV. Vivace
03:20:23 V. Allegro
03:21:26 VI. Finale allegro

Anton Wilhelm Solnitz
Sinfonia No. 4 in A Major, Op. 3:
03:22:49 I. Allegro spirituoso
03:27:14 II. Adagio
03:33:17 III. Presto

Albertus Groneman
Concerto in G Major:
03:34:49 I. Allegro
03:38:15 II. Andante
03:41:17 III. Allegro

Willem de Fesch
Concerto No. 2 in B-Flat Major, Op. 10:
03:42:47 I. Allegro
03:46:39 II. Largo
03:49:52 III. Presto

Albertus Groneman
Concerto in G Major:
03:52:04 I. Andante
03:58:15 II. Adagio
04:03:10 III. Allegro

Conrad Friedrich Hurlebusch
Concerto in A Minor:
04:06:24 I. Allegro-adagio-alla breve
04:10:40 II. Adagio
04:14:41 III. Allegro

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