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This album contains Baroque suites by Schnittke, J.S. Bach and Rameau, presented by Piano Classics, a label of Brilliant Classics.

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Composer: Alfred Schnittke, Johann Sebastian Bach & Jean-Philippe Rameau
Artist: Denys Proshayev (piano) & Nadia Mokhtari (piano)

A French-Russian keyboard wizard offers three contrasting perspectives on Baroque style: an original, fascinating and rewarding concept album.

An original program presenting 3 Baroque Suites by two Baroque masters and one 20th century master: Johann Sebastian Bach, Jean-Philippe Rameau and Alfred Schnittke. Apart from their stylistic differences they share the common characteristics of the Baroque Suite, a succession of dance movements displaying charm, grace and irrepressible zest and wit.

Denys Proshayev plays the 6th Partita in E minor by Bach, the Suite in E minor by Rameau and Suite in Ancient Style by Schnittke, an arrangement for piano 4 hands (original violin and piano), in which Proshayev plays with Nadia Mokhtari.

Russian pianist Denys Proshayev has a strong affinity to Baroque and Contemporary music. His Sony CD with suites by Rameau was “Best CD of the year 2006” in Die Zeit. His two previous CD’s for Piano Classics (Schumann Davidsbündlertänze) and Schnittke (Concerto and solo works) were met with great critical acclaim.

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Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita in E Minor, BWV 830:
0:00:00 I. Toccata
0:06:58 II. Allemanda
0:10:20 III. Corrente
0:14:52 IV. Air
0:16:09 V. Sarabande
0:24:19 VI. Tempo di gavotte
0:26:25 VII. Gigue

Jean-Philippe Rameau: Suite in E Minor, RCT 2:
0:32:30 I. Allemande
0:36:19 II. Courante
0:37:35 III. Gigue en rondeau I
0:39:21 IV. Gigue en rondeau II
0:41:09 V. Le rappel des oiseaux
0:43:41 VI. Rigaudon I
0:44:07 VII. Rigaudon II
0:44:39 VIII. Double 2ème rigaudon
0:45:11 IX. Musette en rondeau
0:46:48 X. Tambourin
0:47:55 XI. La villageoise

Alfred Schnittke: Suite in Ancient Style:
0:50:35 I. Pastorale
0:54:13 II. Ballet
0:56:24 III. Minuet
1:00:41 IV. Fuga
1:03:00 V. Pantomime

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