Bartok: Complete Works for Violin Vol 1

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Composer: Béla Bartók
Artists: Antal Zalai (violin), József Balog (piano)

In Bartók’s earliest works the influences of Liszt and Richard Strauss are never far away. In the early 1900s the young composer had studied many of Strauss’s scores, attempting a symphony in E flat. Gradually the music of his native Hungary began influence his musical voice as can be heard in the E minor violin sonata. The Austro-German musical hold on him was slipping. He took to wearing Hungarian national clothes, and rebelled at speaking German at home. Shortly after completing the violin sonata in 1903 he left for the countryside where he became interested in the folk music and songs of his countrymen. His research with fellow composer Zoltan Kodaly of Hungarian folk music is famous, but Bartók went beyond national boundaries for inspiration, as can be heard in the Transylvanian, Romanian and Slovak folk material featured on this disc of his early works for violin and piano.

00:00:00 Sonata in E Minor, Sz. 20: I. Allegro moderato (molto rubato)
00:09:33 Sonata in E Minor, Sz. 20: II. Andante
00:20:01 Sonata in E Minor, Sz. 20: III. Vivace
00:28:12 Albumblatt (Andante) in A, BB 26
00:31:40 Sonatina on a folk theme from Transylvania, arr. André Gertler: I. Bagpipers: Allegretto
00:33:19 Sonatina on a folk theme from Transylvania, arr. André Gertler: II. Bear Dance: Moderato
00:34:07 Sonatina on a folk theme from Transylvania, arr. André Gertler: III. Finale: Allegro vivace
00:36:14 Hungarian Folksongs, transcribed from ‘For Children’ by Tivadar Országh & Béla Bartók
00:45:44 An Evening in the Village, arr. Tibor Fülep
00:48:25 Hungarian Folk Tunes for violin and piano, transcribed from ‘For Children’ by Joseph Sz. igeti & Béla Bartók
00:56:50 10 Slovak Folk Songs, transcribed from ‘For Children’ by Aladár Mózi
01:04:33 Romanian Folk Dances, arr. Zoltán Sz. ékely

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