Beethoven: The Complete Early Variations

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Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven
Artists: Alessandro Commellato (fortepiano)

An unrivalled compendium on disc of the Beethoven’s compositional laboratory, full of experiments that would be refined throughout his career to create the piano’s ‘New Testament’ of 32 sonatas.

Under the title of ‘early variations’, Alessandro Commellato has brought together all those theme with variation sets for solo and four hands piano that were not included in the main catalogue of Beethoven’s compositions.

In fact not all of them are early: the imposing C minor 32 Variations WoO80 are the best-known work here, composed as late as 1806, and the sets on Rule Britannia and God save the King were written a year or two earlier, and perhaps not only for commercially expedient reasons, given Beethoven’s admiration for the British resistance to the proclamation of the French Empire.


Disk 1
00:00:00 Ludwig van Beethoven: 32 Variations in C minor WoO 80
00:11:40 Ludwig van Beethoven: 5 Variations on “Rule Britannia” in D Major, WoO 79
00:17:14 Ludwig van Beethoven: 7 Variations on “God Save the King” in D Major, WoO 78
00:25:55 Ludwig van Beethoven: 6 Variations in G Major, WoO 77
00:33:20 Ludwig van Beethoven: 8 Variations on “Tändeln und Scherzen” in F Major, WoO 76
00:42:39 Ludwig van Beethoven: 7 Variations on “Kind, willst du ruhig schlafen” in F Major, WoO 75
00:54:30 Ludwig van Beethoven: 6 Variations for piano four hands on “Ich denke dein”in D Major, Woo 74

Disk 2
00:59:35 Ludwig van Beethoven: 10 Variation on “La stessa la stessissima” in B-Flat Major, Woo 73
01:12:01 Ludwig van Beethoven: 8 Variations on “Un fievre brûlante” in C Major, WoO 72
01:19:11 Ludwig van Beethoven: 12 Variations on a Russian Dance from Wranitsky’s Ballet Das Waldmädchin A Major, WoO 71
01:31:29 Ludwig van Beethoven: 6 Variations on “nel cor più non mi sento” in G Major, WoO 70
01:37:13 Ludwig van Beethoven: 9 Variations on “quant’è più bello” in A Major, WoO 69
01:43:18 Ludwig van Beethoven: 12 Variations on “Menuet à la Viganò” in C Major, WoO 68

Disk 3
01:57:59 Ludwig van Beethoven: 8 Variations on a theme by Count Waldstein in C Major, WoO 67
02:06:55 Ludwig van Beethoven: 13 Variations on “es war einmal ein alter Mann” in A Major, WoO 66
02:21:48 Ludwig van Beethoven: 24 Variations on Righini’s Air “Venni amore” in D Major WoO 65
02:45:14 Ludwig van Beethoven: 6 Easy Variations on a Swiss air in F Major, WoO 64
02:48:09 Ludwig van Beethoven: 9 Variations on a March by Dressler in C Minor, WoO 63

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