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This album contains the complete solo piano music by Bernstein, presented by Piano Classics, a label of Brilliant Classics.

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Leonard Bernstein was without doubt one of the most important musical figures of 20th century America: active as pianist, composer, conductor, teacher and media star, he was in short a musical icon. 2018 saw the centenary of his birth, which generated a renewed interest in this towering genius.

Bernstein’s compositions are as multi-faceted as the man himself: his “Touches” is influenced by the thorny and fiercely dissonant sounds of Copland’s variations while the “Anniversaries” are touching and sometimes even sentimental commemorations of important people in his life.

Bernstein’s complete piano works are played on this new recording by the young Italian pianist Michele Tozzetti, who plays on a superb Fazioli grand piano F278.

Composer: Leonard Bernstein
Artist: Michele Tozzetti (piano)

Brilliant Classics:


0:00:00 Sonata: I. —
0:05:02 Sonata: II. —
0:14:26 Touches

4 Sabras:
0:22:57 I. Ilana. The Dreamer
0:24:11 II. Idele. The Chassidele
0:25:57 III. Yosi. The Jokester
0:26:54 IV. Dina. The Tomboy Who Weeps Alone

4 Anniversaries:
0:27:53 I. For Felicia Montealegre
0:30:06 II. For Johnny Mehegan
0:30:46 III. For David Diamond
0:32:14 IV. For Helen Coates

5 Anniversaries:
0:33:32 I. For Elizabeth Rudolf
0:34:49 II. For Lukas Foss
0:36:35 III. For Elizabeth B. Ehrman
0:37:19 IV. For Sandy Gellhorn
0:38:55 V. For Susanna Kyle

7 Anniversaries:
0:40:21 I. For Aaron Copland
0:41:46 II. For My Sister, Shirley
0:42:54 III. In Memoriam. Alfred Eisner
0:45:26 IV. For Paul Bowles
0:46:44 V. In Memoriam. Nathalie Koussevitzky
0:48:43 VI. For Sergei Koussevitzky
0:49:45 VII. For William Schuman

0:50:26 Non troppo presto

Music for the Dance, No. II:
0:52:20 I. Moderato
0:53:16 II. Waltz Time
0:54:28 III. Allegro non troppo

13 Anniversaries:
0:56:05 I. For Shirley Gabis Rhoads Perle
0:57:32 II. In Memoriam. William Kapell
0:57:57 III. For Stephen Sondheim
0:59:12 IV. For Craig Urquhart
1:00:06 V. For Leo Smit
1:00:36 VI. For My Daughter, Nina
1:02:54 VII. In Memoriam. Helen Coates
1:05:39 VIII. In Memoriam. Goddard Lieberson
1:06:40 IX. For Jessica Fleischmann
1:08:54 X. In Memoriam. Constance Hope
1:11:13 XI. For Felicia, on our 28th Birthday
1:12:34 XII. For Aaron Stern
1:14:34 XIII. In Memoriam. Ellen Goetz

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