Biagio Marini: Sonata in ecco con tre violini (Echo Sonata), Voices of Music

In this video

One of the most unusual and finest compositions of the early 17th century in Italy is the “Echo” Sonata of Biagio Marini. Marini’s title in Italian reads: “Sonata in ecco [sic] con tre violini”, and he further specifies that the two echo violins should not be seen. (The original sources use the spelling “ecco” In this performance, the violins were placed in the upper level of the balcony, just under the ceiling–barely visible in the low light. The solo part combines double stops with virtuosic riffs to further create the illusion of more players. Performed on original instruments by the San Francisco Early Music Ensemble Voices of Music. Featuring Carla Moore, solo baroque violin; Lisa Grodin and Katherine Kyme, echo violins; William Skeen, baroque five string cello, Dominic Schaner, theorbo; David Tayler, archlute, Hanneke van Proosdij, baroque organ. Voices of Music performs in and records our concerts in St. Mark’s Lutheran, SF. 17th-century style bows were used for this performance. Temperament: meantone.


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