Boccherini: String Quintets, Op. 10, 11 & 13

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Composer: Luigi Boccherini
Artists: La Magnifica Communità, Enrico Casazza (violin and concert master)

A much-underrated composer, Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805) was one of the leading composers of the late 18th century, a friend and colleague of both Haydn and Mozart, and a formidable cello virtuoso. His reputation was such that he was nicknamed ‘Mrs Haydn’ – not in a pejorative sense, the appellation was due to his music sounding Haydnesque, but with a sensual, feminine grace rather than the Sturm und Drang of his Austrian friend’s music.

Although his cello concerti and some of his symphonies remain in the repertoire, it is his chamber music that his reputation today rests, especially the quintets. Boccherini championed this genre, and it was his example that inspired Mozart to compose his quintets.

This release contains the string quintets Op. 10 – Op. 13. Great performances by La Magnifica Communità, lead by violinist Enrico Casazza

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