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While no organist’s music bench would be respectable without dog-eared copies of the Suite gothique (especially its concluding, Toccata, no mere knock-off of Widor’s showier counterpart) and C minor Toccata, there are vanishingly few albums dedicated to the organ music of Léon Boëllmann (1862-1897), making this Brilliant Classics reissue of Piet van der Steen’s album all the more enticing a proposition to organ buffs.

Composer: Léon Boëllmann
Artists: Piet van der Steen (organ)

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A short-lived contemporary of Louis Vierne, Boëllmann composed in most classical genres, notably chamber music, but it is his output for organ that has assured him immortality, for its hand-in-glove harmony with the instruments of Aristide Cavaillé-Coll that represented the high-point of French organ building in the Gothic style, never knowingly underequipped. Boëllmann wrote accordingly, to take advantage of the new French organs with their prodigious array of registral colours and dynamic variation.


0:00:00 Fantaisie in A Major

12 pièces pour orgue, Op. 16:
0:11:03 I. Prélude
0:15:17 II. Fugue
0:19:26 IV. Intermezzo
0:24:10 XI. Adagietto
0:28:15 V. Carillon

Deuxième suite pour orgue, Op. 27:
0:32:05 I. Prélude pastoral
0:37:11 II. Allegretto con moto
0:40:57 III. Andantino
0:44:56 IV. Final

Heures mystiques, Opp. 29-30:
0:50:45 I. Entrée in E-Flat Major
0:53:11 II. Offertoire in G Major
0:58:05 III. Sortie in D Minor

Suite gothique in C Minor, Op. 25:
1:01:16 I. Introduction – Choral
1:03:23 II. Menuet gothique
1:06:36 III. Prière à Notre Dame
1:12:23 IV. Toccata

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