Bohemian Songs

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Composer: Various Composers
Artists: Claron McFadden (soprano), Bart van Oort (fortepiano)

Bohemia at the end of the 18th century and the early 19th was teeming with highly skilled composers and musicians, centred around the city of Prague. Charles Burney described it as ‘the conservatory of Europe’. He also found that rural areas were rich in musical activities, especially in schools. The majority of the composers wrote for their particular instrument, and the names of Dussek and Kozeluch in particular have survived to this day. They along with Vorisek are the best known composers on this fascinating programme of songs from this golden age of Czech music.

At this time, songs by Bohemian composers were nearly always set in German or Italian. Czech was considered a peasant language, and German was of course the language of the ruling Hapsburg dynasty. Many of the songs produced by composers such as Dussek, Vorisek (and their contemporary Tomasek) show that their influence was not lost upon Schubert.

00:00:00 Leopold Kozeluch: Songs, Op. 31: Sognando mi parea, Op. 31/1
00:01:06 Leopold Kozeluch: Songs, Op. 31: Un serto di fiori, Op. 31/4
00:02:44 Leopold Kozeluch: Songs, Op. 31: Sento amor, Op. 31/3
00:04:54 Leopold Kozeluch: Songs, Op. 31: Chi un dolce amor, Op. 31/6
00:06:35 Leopold Kozeluch: Songs, Op. 31: Misero to non sei, Op. 31/8
00:09:36 Leopold Kozeluch: Songs, Op. 31: Spira pur, Op. 31/11
00:11:11 Leopold Kozeluch: Songs, Op. 31: Per pieta, bell’idol mio, Op. 31/12
00:14:53 Johann Ladislaus Dussek: Or che un istante
00:19:20 Johann Ladislaus Dussek: A che congiuri
00:23:41 Johann Ladislaus Dussek: Dolce speme, del ciel dono
00:28:03 Johann Ladislaus Dussek: Leggiarde ninfe
00:30:30 Jan Josef Rösler: La Verita
00:35:13 Jan Josef Rösler: Herbstlied
00:38:51 Jan Josef Rösler: An die Entfernte
00:44:34 Antonin Frantisek Becvarovsky: Die Natur
00:50:50 Antonin Frantisek Becvarovsky: Nähe des Geliebten
00:57:37 Vincenc Masek: Das Veilchen im Mai
00:58:52 Jan Vaclav Vorisek: Die Abschiedsträne
01:03:13 Jan Vaclav Vorisek: Liebe
01:07:47 Jan Vaclav Vorisek: An Sie
01:10:49 Jan Vaclav Vorisek: Das Täubchen
01:15:05 Franz Anton Rössler-Rosetti: Die Liebeserklärung

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