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Brilliant Classics would like to introduce you to the new classical music licensing website:, with the largest classical music catalogue.

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Brilliant Classics Licensing is the place to request your license for classical music. Whether it is a reference classical music track or a brand new classical music composition, Brilliant Classics makes classical music accessible for all kinds of synchronization and/or master use licensing.

Brilliant Classics Licensing brings new releases each month of early and Baroque music – many of them first recordings and all made by musicians with virtuoso flair and scholarly care for sources and styles, so that forgotten music can live and breathe once more. A channel for established and upcoming artists and composers.

On Brilliant Classics Licensing you can easily request your music synchronization license. Choose from more than 40.000 classical tracks and find the right music for your project. It is possible to add multiple tracks to your favorite list and put them all in one request.

Make your project complete by requesting a license today.

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Albums in order of appearance:

Top 30 Most Popular Wedding Classics:
Vivalde: Le Quattro Stagioni:
The Art of the Recorder:

Beethoven Edition:
Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition:
Schoenberg: Towards Verklarte Nacht:

Top 50 Most Popular Classical Cello:
Debussy: Sonatas and Piano Trio:

Bolling: Concerto for Classical Guitar Jazz:
Telemann: Paris Quartets:
Hummel: Complete Piano Sonatas:


Satie: Slow Music:
Mozart: Complete Violin Concertos:
Top 50 Most Popular Classical Piano:

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