C.P.E. Bach: Symphonies for Hamburg

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Composers: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Artists: Solamente Naturali, Didier Talpain (conductor), Marek Toporowski (conductor)

This release presents the 4 symphonies that Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach wrote during his stay in Hamburg. In these large-scale works the string section is extended with 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 horns and bassoon, instruments which are treated quasi solistically, so that one can almost speak of a Sinfonia Concertante.

The musical language is clearly “Sturm und Drang”, full of vehement dynamics and changes of sentiment, the fingerprint of this most famous son of Johann Sebastian.

Brilliant performances on period instruments by Solamente Naturali, an exciting group of early music players from Bratislava.

00:00:00 Symphony Wq183/1 (H663) in D Allegro di molto
00:05:35 Symphony Wq183/1 (H663) in D Largo
00:07:20 Symphony Wq183/1 (H663) in D Presto
00:10:10 Symphony Wq183/2 (H664) in E flat Allegro di molto
00:14:00 Symphony Wq183/2 (H664) in E flat Larghetto
00:15:28 Symphony Wq183/2 (H664) in E flat Presto
00:20:52 Symphony Wq183/2 (H664) in E flat Allegro assai
00:24:20 Harpsichord Concerto Wq43/4 (H474) in C Minor Poco adagio
00:26:30 Harpsichord Concerto Wq43/4 (H474) in C Minor Tempo di menuetto
00:29:16 Harpsichord Concerto Wq43/4 (H474) in C Minor Allegro assai
00:33:54 Symphony Wq183/3 (H665) in F Allegro di molto
00:38:54 Symphony Wq183/3 (H665) in F Larghetto
00:41:26 Symphony Wq183/3 (H665) in F Presto
00:44:14 Symphony Wq183/4 (H666) in G Allegro assai
00:47:12 Symphony Wq183/4 (H666) in G Poco andante
00:52:12 Symphony Wq183/4 (H666) in G Presto


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