Cavallone Music For Guitar Volume 1

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Many first recordings on a comprehensive, newly recorded survey of a distinguished modern Italian guitar-composer.

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Composer: Franco Cavallone
Artists: @Cristiano Porqueddu (guitar)

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Joining the extensive library of guitar music in the Brilliant Classics catalogue, Franco Cavallone is a worthy successor to Italian guitar composers from Giuliani to Castelnuovo-Tedesco. He is an accomplished performer himself, having studied with the likes of Leo Brouwer and Angelo Gilardino, and the pieces recorded here have been composed with an intimate knowledge of the guitar’s technical and timbral possibilities, which Cristiano Porqueddu exploits to the full, with the composer’s enthusiastic approval: ‘He has managed to create a kaleidoscope of sound and sense that is truly rewarding for the listener. I am convinced that this CD set is a benchmark recording for my music for the guitar.’

Cavallone’s mastery of diverse idioms is engagingly broad, making these 4CDs full of discovery and surprise. The four sonatas on CD1 are each conceived in homage to a different style: ‘to Ponce and Ravel’, American composers, neoclassicism and to 20th century modernism. While Cavallone embraces rich dissonance and an impressionistic handling of chromaticism in the 12 Studies, he also writes with a moving simplicity in the homage to Tarrega, Di tante lagrime. A collection of six Hebrew melodies – dedicated to Porqueddu – demonstrates how effectively he can embroider and enrich folk and popular melodies, enhancing rather than detracting from their original character.

10 Progressive Studies:
0:00:00 I. Moderato
0:02:08 II. Tranquillo
0:03:47 III. Moderato
0:05:01 IV. Allegretto
0:06:00 V. Andante mosso
0:07:26 VI. Calmo ed espressivo
0:10:06 VII. Mosso
0:11:13 VIII. Moderatamente
0:17:11 IX. Allegretto
0:19:19 X. Andante poco mosso

Sonata I:
0:20:51 I. Allegro moderato
0:26:22 II. Adagietto ritmico
0:29:15 III. Allegro moderato

Sonata II:
0:32:36 I. Moderato
0:37:02 II. Adagio non troppo
0:39:54 III. Allegro

Sonata III:
0:43:21 I. Moderato
0:49:13 II. Lento ma teso
0:55:21 III. Allegro

Sonata IV:
0:57:50 I. Allegro moderato
1:01:22 II. Andante
1:04:57 III. Andante mosso

1:07:04 Di tante lagrime…

Dodici studi per chitarra:
1:16:08 I. Calmo
1:18:04 II. Moderato
1:20:15 III. Legato e flessibile
1:21:31 IV. Lento ma non troppo
1:25:08 V. Moderato
1:27:58 VI. Allegro
1:30:57 VII. Lirico, moderato
1:34:26 VIII. Lento ed espressivo
1:36:33 IX Liberamente, improvvisando
1:38:04 X. Allegro
1:41:29 XI. Allegro moderato
1:44:33 XII. Allegretto

Sei canzoni ebraiche:
1:46:46 I. Hinne’ ma tov
1:49:58 II. Vihda’h Le’Olam Teshev
1:53:06 III. Kesheharrabbí Shar
1:55:59 IV. Ro’e’ Vero’a’
1:58:24 V. Yafutzu Oyevecha
2:02:30 VI. Hevenu shalom

Trois Reflets:
2:04:54 I. Andante misterioso
2:11:40 II. Cantabile
2:15:05 III Allegretto ritmico

2:19:29 Comme des variations: I. – Moderato II. – Stesso tempo III. – Meno IV. – Mosso VI. – Corale VII. – Andante VIII. – Tempo I IX. – Stesso tempo X. – Delicato XI. – Scherzando XII. – Andantino finale

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