Chaconnes for Guitar

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Composer: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, François Couperin, Georg Frideric Handel, Georg Philipp Telemann, Johann Christoph Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach
Artists: Enno Voorhorst (guitar)

The repertoire for the modern guitar dates only as far back as the early 19th century, with the composers Guiliani and Sor. Before that, although many pieces of music were arranged for this most domesticated of instruments, none has survived. This release contains two of the great masterpieces of Baroque instrumental
music — the Chaconne from J.S. Bach’s D minor Partita for solo violin BWV1004, and Handel’s keyboard Chaconne. The polyphonic quality of the modern guitar enables arrangers to transcribe music for plucked instruments such as the lute or harpsichord. The aim of this CD is to widen the repertoire of the classical guitar with some beautiful Baroque masterpieces.

00:00:00 Chaconne, BWV 1004 (arr. Enno Voorhorst)
00:14:06 Sonata BWV 1033: I. Andante (arr. Enno Voorhorst)
00:15:42 Sonata BWV 1033: II. Presto (arr. Enno Voorhorst)
00:18:29 Sonata BWV 1033: III. Adagio (arr. Enno Voorhorst)
00:20:46 Sonata BWV 1033: IV. Menuett No. 1 – Menuett No. 2 (arr. Enno Voorhorst)
00:24:19 Präludium BWV 933 (arr. Enno Voorhorst)
00:26:26 Präludium (arr. Enno Voorhorst)
00:27:42 Concerto in G minor, BWV 985: I. No Tempo Indication (arr. Enno Voorhorst)
00:30:58 Concerto in G minor, BWV 985: II. Adagio (arr. Enno Voorhorst)
00:33:46 Concerto in G minor, BWV 985: III. Allegro (arr. Enno Voorhorst)
00:36:46 Les baricades mistérieuses (arr. Enno Voorhorst)
00:40:08 Adagio per il organo (arr. Enno Voorhorst)
00:44:01 Chaconne, HWV 435 (arr. Enno Voorhorst)

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