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This album contains a selection of piano pieces by Chaminade, presented by Piano Classics, a label of Brilliant Classics.

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Late-Romantic French piano music of unfailing elegance and wit, chosen by a rising piano star and gifted young advocate of under-rated composers.

Cécile Chaminade (1857-1944) was a highly successful female pianist and composer. As a pianist she toured the European countries, in 1892 making her debut in England, making acquaintance with one of her biggest fans, Queen Victoria. In 1908 she made her American debut, gaining instant and immense popularity.

Mark Viner is recognized as one of the most exciting British pianists of his generation, and is becoming increasingly well-known for his bold championing of unfamiliar repertoire. Viner has made his own selection from the hundreds of piano pieces, some light, others more serious, composed by Cécile Chaminade (1857-1944). Periodically revived in tokenistic ways, Chaminade’s output is now being seen in the round, and it reveals a voice of not only feminine delicacy and charm, but also a melodist of refinement whose gift for a well-turned tune never left her in a career spanning over six decades.

Composer: Cécile Chaminade
Artist: Mark Viner (piano)

Brilliant Classics:

0:00:00 Pierette air de ballet, Op. 41

6 Etudes de concert, Op. 35:
0:02:22 I. Scherzo
0:05:27 II. Automne
0:11:44 III. Fileuse
0:16:19 IV. Appassionato
0:19:12 V. Impromptu
0:22:49 VI. Tarentelle

0:26:49 Les sylvains in D Major, Op. 60
0:30:06 Arabesque No. 1, Op. 61

Poème provençal, Op. 127:
0:34:40 I. Dans la lande
0:37:54 II. Solitude
0:42:04 III. Le passé
0:45:39 IV. Pêcheurs de nuit

0:49:57 La lisonjera, Op. 50

6 Romances sans paroles, Op. 76:
0:53:26 I. Souvenance
0:55:33 II. Elévation
0:58:05 III. Idylle
1:00:45 IV. Eglogue
1:03:13 V. Chanson brétonne
1:05:06 VI. Méditation

1:09:42 Thème varié in A Major, Op. 89

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