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Francesco Cilea may now be best remembered as a composer of durable, blood-and-thunder staples of the verismo operatic school such as Adriana Lecouvreur and L’Arlesiana, but he addressed himself to chamber and instrumental music at both the beginning and end of his long career. Conservative and unfailingly melodic as his chosen idiom was, it nonetheless evolved in the 66 years between student salon pieces such as the Tre piccoli pezzi of 1888 and the album-leaf of 1944.

There have been a few surveys of Cilea’s piano music on record, but none as complete as this new recording from Pier Paolo Vincenzi, who has already won critical praise on Brilliant Classics for recordings of piano rarities. A Diabelli Variations album (BC94836) gathered all the composers who had initially responded to the Viennese publisher’s request for variations on his little waltz together with the late masterpiece of variation form eventually devised by Beethoven. Vincenzi has also recorded the complete piano music of Richard Wagner (BC94450) which drew this notice from Fanfare magazine: ‘Vincenzi has the kind of sparkling, clear Italian touch one often associates with Benedetti, Michelangeli, or, more recently, Luisi. His playing alternates between seriousness and sensuality, drama and joy, and the listener is with him every step of the way… [His] performances are the recommended ones.

Composer Francesco Cilea

Pier Paolo Vincenzi piano
Marco Gaggini piano

00:00:00 Tre piccoli pezzi: I. Melodia
00:01:54 Tre piccoli pezzi: II. Serenata
00:04:13 Tre piccoli pezzi: III. Danza
00:06:28 Chanson du rouet, Op. 4
00:09:04 Canto del mattino, Op. 5
00:12:17 La petite coquette – Air de danse, Op. 9
00:15:01 C’est toi que j’aime – Impromptu à la mazurka, Op. 10
00:17:50 Aria campestre
00:19:19 Flatterie, Op. 11
00:21:38 Mazurka, Op. 14
00:24:17 Badinage, Op. 15
00:26:28 Berceuse, Op. 20
00:28:37 Notturno, Op. 22
00:32:12 Seconda danza, Op. 26
00:33:53 Trois petits morceaux, Op. 28: I. Loin dans la mer
00:36:32 Trois petits morceaux, Op. 28: II. Feuille d’album
00:38:51 Trois petits morceaux, Op. 28: III. Pensée espagnole
00:40:32 Tre pezzi, Op. 29: I. Romanza
00:43:40 Tre pezzi, Op. 29: II. Scherzino
00:46:11 Tre pezzi, Op. 29: III. Barzelletta
00:48:59 Gocce di rugiada, Op. 33
00:51:49 Au village, Op. 34
00:53:37 A la mazurka, Op. 35
00:55:02 Valzer, Op. 36
00:56:51 Foglio d’album, Op. 41
00:58:51 Suite, Op. 42: I. Allegro
01:00:54 Suite, Op. 42: II. Sarabanda
01:04:30 Suite, Op. 42: III. Capriccio
01:07:56 Foglio d’album, Op. 41
01:09:54 Fuga reale
01:12:10 Tre pezzi, Op. 43: I. Verrà?
01:15:09 Tre pezzi, Op. 43: II. Acque correnti
01:17:19 Tre pezzi, Op. 43: III. Valle fiorita
01:21:15 Due pezzi: I. Risonanze nostalgiche
01:29:24 Due pezzi: II. Festa silana
01:33:19 Scherzo
01:37:57 Scherzando
01:41:09 Danza calabrese
01:45:05 Impromptu
01:48:20 Mazurka
01:49:55 Preludio
01:51:32 Vespero
01:54:35 Foglio d’album
01:56:14 Invocazione
01:58:51 Serenata a dispetto
02:00:52 Danza
02:04:41 Four Hands Music: Untitled in A Major
02:08:12 Four Hands Music: Chansonnette, Op. 31
02:10:14 Four Hands Music: Sentiment poétique
02:12:33 Four Hands Music: Amour joyeux, Op. 37
02:15:27 Idillio
02:18:40 Alla gavotte


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