Cimarosa: 21 Sonatas

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Composer: Domenico Cimarosa
Artists: Andrea Chezzi (organ)

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Brilliant Classics has already published all 88 of Domenico Cimarosa’s keyboard sonatas in their commonly encountered appearance as harpsichord pieces (BC95027), as well as an album of 30 sonatas in arrangements for guitar (BC94172). He may still be better known as a composer of comic opera, for masterpiece such as Il matrimonio segreto, but this new album of the sonatas in versions for organ celebrates the variety and adaptability of Cimarosa’s idiom and demonstrates why he was so lionized in his own time.

The painter Delacroix preferred Cimarosa’s music to Mozart’s. Stendhal wrote that he would rather be hanged than be forced to state which of the two he preferred. Even the notoriously partial Viennese critic Eduard Hanslick lavished praise on Cimarosa’s wonderful facility, inventive compositional strokes and refined taste, and Goethe, no less, directed several productions of his operas.

00:00 Sonata in do maggiore, Allegro, (C54, F54)
04:06 Sonata in la minore, Largo, (C55, F55)
08:28 Sonata in do maggiore, Allegro (C50, F50)
11:25 Sonata in sol minore, Andantino (C33, F33)
13:06 in sol maggiore, Allegro (C32, F32)
15:37 Sonata in re minore, Andante con moto, (C79, F79)
18:51 Sonata in re maggiore, Allegretto, C 30 (F30)
22:26 Sonata in la maggiore, (Allegro), (C19, F19)
25:10 Sonata in la minore, Andantino grazioso (C58, F58)
26:57 Sonata in la maggiore, Allegro (C21, F21)
28:36 Sonata in re minore, Andantino (C42, F42)
29:50 Sonata in fa maggiore (C51, F51; orig. Sol maggiore)
33:11 Sonata in sib minore/maggiore, Andantino, Allegro assai (C70, F70)
36:36 Sonata in sol minore, Largo (C61, F61)
39:42 Sonata in sib maggiore, Allegro (C1, F1)
43:21 Sonata in sol minore, Andantino (C52, F52)
47:15 Sonata in sol maggiore, Allegro (C53, F53)
50:29 Sonata in do minore, Larghetto (C49, F49)
52:56 Sonata in do minore, (C28, F28)
56:26 Sonata in mib maggiore, Andantino (C37, F37)
58:42 Sonata in do minore, Allegro (C68, F68)

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