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Artists: Daniele Ruggieri, Andrea Toschi

With a repertoire spanning almost 150 years, from 1844 right up to 1992, this release brings together a wide range of works for flute and organ by composers from a variety of countries and musical backgrounds. During the Baroque period, it was common to pair the flute (or recorder) with the harpsichord; the combination here of flute and organ is by contrast far more exotic, the great power of which the latter instrument is capable pitted against the domestic nature of the former. The works on this release are all rare gems, showing just how well these two diverse timbres are able to complement each other – and at the same time revealing the great skill of many lesser-known composers.

While the music on this release spans a large period of time, many of the works share a common thread of religion spirituality. German composer Hiller uses a Lutheran hymn as inspiration for his work Andante religioso, and the pieces by French composers Caplet and Gallon are both infused with a deep sense of mysticism, particularly pertinent as Caplet retreated to a monastery later in life. The religious theme continues into the more contemporary works by Italian composers D’Aurizio and Lincetto; the former was a noted composer of sacred music throughout his life, and Lincetto’s work Messa degli artisti is a modern take on a traditional meditative prayer.

An enterprising and original programme of works originally written for flute and organ by a wide variety of composers, spanning more than 150 years (not the usual compilation of Baroque lollipops like the Albinoni/Adagio or the Bach/Air!).
Featuring are works by composers Hartmann, Lachner, Donjon, Doppler, Hiller, Gallon, Genzmer, d’Aurizio, Manzino. They explore the rich possibilities and diverse qualities of the two instruments in a fascinating way, sharing a spiritual or liturgical background.
Superbly played by Daniele Ruggieri, flute (“beautiful and playful display of virtuosity” The Times) and Andrea Toschi, organ.
Recorded in Padua.

00:00:00 Praeludium for Flute and Organ in G Minor
00:03:37 Elegie
00:10:07 Invocation
00:12:50 Offertoire, Op. 12
00:17:43 Idylle “l’oiseau des bois”, Op. 21
00:23:57 Andante religioso, Op. 6
00:30:29 Feuillets d’album: IV. Invocation
00:34:25 Recueillement
00:39:26 Sei brani liturgici: I. Introduzione
00:40:33 Sei brani liturgici: II. Offertorio
00:41:47 Sei brani liturgici: III. Pezzo semplice
00:44:49 Sei brani liturgici: IV. Sanctus
00:46:11 Sei brani liturgici: V. Preghiera in C Major
00:47:54 Sei brani liturgici: VI. Adagio
00:48:56 Due melodie facili: I. Andantino
00:50:38 Due melodie facili: II. Andantino
00:51:54 Adagio (1990)
00:58:22 Messa degli artisti (1980): Preghiera dell’artista
01:01:26 Messa degli artisti (1980): Elevazione
01:03:31 Sonata for Flute and Organ(1992): I. Adagio
01:08:59 Sonata for Flute and Organ(1992): II. Allegretto


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