Come Spring (春よ、来い) – COVER ERHU by LU YIFEI Performed by erhu cover 二胡_Yumi Matsutoya (original song)

In this video

Evie’s new album is being delayed. Before I show you the new album, I’m going to show you the cover version of the cover of ‘Come on, Spring,’ which I worked on before. It’s Leebi’s favorite song, Come, Spring. I hope you enjoy it. Performed by Kikiki Erhu 二胡 KOREA COVER cover ERHU by LU YIFEI Original song 春よ、来い – Matsutoya Yumi (松任谷由実) Come Spring – Lim Hyeong-ju LUYIFEI COVER Connect 二胡with LUYIFEI : iTunes https: // naver : Gongwoollim Erhu Studio

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