Corelli: Sonata in C Major, adagio (Op. 5 No. 3) Augusta McKay Lodge, baroque violin & Paolo Zanzu

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The adagio from Corelli’s C Major violin sonata (Opus 5), with ornaments in the style of the time. The full album, “Corelli’s Band” (Naxos) is available here:

This video is part of the Voices of Music “Recording at Home” program.
Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713), an Italian music director, violinist and composer, has become one of today’s most famous figures in Baroque music. Born near Bologna, he made a career in Rome as a celebrated soloist. Today he is most well-known for his concerti grossi and his Opus 5 violin sonatas, the latter being the subject of today’s video. These sonatas display a range of virtuosity, technique, and musicality which never ceases to amaze. They were used then, and still today, as a source for violin technique and ornamentation. The fast movements are comprised of complex fugues, joyful dances, and virtuosic movements filled with rapid fire 16th notes. Of note today, however, are the slow movements. Keeping with the tradition of the time, these are meant to be profusely supplied with extra notes – ornaments – created and improvised by the performers themselves. An edition printed in 1710 serves as a useful example of what may very well have been Corelli’s own ornaments; however, a performer should be able to create their own ornamentation as well, preferably improvising “on-the-spot,” as was done during Corelli’s lifetime.


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