Corrette: Les Six Symphonies de Noël

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Composer: Michel Corrette
La Fantasia (ensemble)
Rien Voskuilen (organ and concert master)
Michel Corrette (1709–1795) was born in Rouen, where his father Gaspard was an organist. Sadly, little is known about his early life, but we know he held positions as organist in several churches in Paris. For many years his reputation rested on his teaching methods and educational works, and he can claim to have written and published more teaching methods than any other composer. These include works on the mandolin, guitar, violin, cello, viola da gamba, organ, harpsichord, double bass and harp. Today, these books are of interest as they throw light upon the ‘Italian’ style that was all the rage in France in the early 18th century. The proceeds of all these successful books meant that Corrette became relatively well off, which aroused feelings of envy among his contemporaries, who often made sure that his music received lukewarm reviews.

On this release of Les Six Symphonies de Noël, we hear Corrette writing in a style firmly rooted in the Baroque, but the inclusion of ‘foreign’ material such as the tune from Poland and from North America show the innovative and truly creative side of the composer. Noëls were extremely popular in France, and many were intended for organ alone, though Corrette stipulates that his can be performed within an orchestral setting. He probably meant by this that the organ and a small string ensemble would be the ideal forces.

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Sinfonia I:
0:00:00 Ã La Venue De Noël: Moderato
0:02:20 Le Roy Des Cieux vient De Naître: Andante
0:04:21 Voici Le Jour Solennel: Moderato
0:06:26 Adam Fut Un Pauvre Homme: Allegro

Sinfonia II:
0:08:35 Où S’en Vont Ces Gais Bergers: Allegro
0:11:08 Noël Polonais: Largo
0:12:59 Laissez Paître Vos Bêtes: Allegro

Sinfonia III:
0:16:18 Quand Je M’éilla Et Eus Assez Dormi: Moderato
0:18:20 Vous Qui Désirez Sans FIn: Andante
0:20:58 Noël Allemand: Largo
0:22:04 Noël De St. Cyr: Allegro
0:24:05 Cette Journée: Allegro
0:24:41 Puer Nobis Nascitur: Moderato
0:27:57 Chantons Je Vous Prie: Allegro
0:28:49 Joseph Est Un Bon Compagnon: Allegro

Sinfonia IV:
0:30:14 Une Jeune Pucelle: Moderato
0:32:04 (Je Me Suis Levé Par Un Matinet): Allegro
0:33:20 Chrétien(s) Qui SuIVez L’église: Adagio
0:35:16 Nous Sommes En Voie: Allegro
0:36:04 Noel Allemand: Largo
0:37:46 Noël Américain: Allegro
0:38:40 Nouveau Noël Sur Un Ancien Air De M. Lully (Votre Bonté Grand Deiu: Allegro

Sinfonia V:
0:40:54 Chantons Je Vous Prie Noël Hautement: Moderato
0:42:29 Bergers Allons Voir Dans Ce Lieu: Andante
0:43:34 Joseph Est Bien Marié: Allegro
0:44:51 Un Jour Dieu Se Résolut
0:45:28 Michau Qui Causoit Ce Grand Bruit: Allegro
0:46:09 Or, Nous Dites, Marie: Adagio
0:49:49 Chantons De VoIX Hautaine: vivace
0:51:55 Noël Suisse: Allegro

Sinfonia vi:
0:55:10 Tous Les Bourgeois De Chartres: Allegro
0:57:20 Quoy Ma Voisine Es-Tu Fâchée: Amorozo
0:59:42 Noël De Saintonge; (Savez-Vous Mon Cher Voisin): Allegro
1:01:13 Bon Joseph Ëcoutez-Moi

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