Debussy: Etudes, Estampes

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Composer: Claude Debussy
Artist: Mariangela Vacatello (piano)

About this Album:
The Debussy-year 2012 brought a wealth of reissues on the market, but surprisingly few new recordings. Reason the more to welcome this new recording of a generous selection of Debussy piano works, centred around the substantial “12 Etudes”.These works, written in the later stage of Debussy’s creative life, form the apotheosis of his style. Far from any evocative “impressionistic” Tonmalerei or picturesque
atmosphere painting they are Debussy’s answer to the Etudes of Chopin, purely abstract creations of melody, harmony and rhythm. Fiercely uncompromising and difficult, they form the summit of Debussy’s piano oeuvre, and one of the highest challenges to any performing pianist.

The exciting young Italian pianist Mariangela Vacatello is a Liszt specialist, renowned for her passionate performances and technical ability. She has given concerts at prestigious venues across the USA and Europe, and she has won many awards. These include second prize at the Franz Liszt International Piano Competition in 1999, and the Internet Audience Award at the 2009 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. ‘A very exciting player’ Musical Opinion, 2008.

00:00:00 Etudes: I. Pour les cinq doigts (d’après Monsieur Czerny)
00:03:19 12 Etudes: II. Pour les tierces
00:07:15 12 Etudes: III. Pour les quartes
00:13:33 12 Etudes: IV. Pour les sixtes
00:18:11 12 Etudes: V. Pour les octaves
00:20:56 12 Etudes: VI. Pour les huit doigts
00:22:33 12 Etudes: VII. Pour les degrés chromatiques
00:24:48 12 Etudes: VIII. Pour les agréments
00:29:55 12 Etudes: IX. Pour les notes répétées
00:33:17 12 Etudes: X. Pour les sonorités opposées
00:38:50 12 Etudes: XI. Pour les arpèges composés
00:43:24 12 Etudes: XII. Pour les accords
00:47:50 Estampes: I. Pagodes
00:52:35 Estampes: II. La soirée dans Grenade
00:57:54 Estampes: III. Jardins sous la pluie
01:01:39 Deux Arabesques: No. 1 Andantino con moto
01:06:19 Deux Arabesques: No.2 Allegretto scherzando
01:09:46 L’Isle joyeuse

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