Debussy: Preludes, Book I and II

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This album contains the Preludes, books 1 and 2 by Debussy, presented by Piano Classics, a label of Brilliant Classics.

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When acclaimed pianist Hiroko Sasaki was looking for an instrument to record the Debussy Preludes on, she happened to spot a strange looking instrument, which turned out to be a Pleyel concert grand built in 1873, and she instantly fell in love with it. The piano, built in a beautifully ornamented harpsichord case, offers her the special sonorities, dynamics and colours that she thinks are essential in Debussy, who himself owned a Pleyel piano, his favourite instrument.

The result is fascinating, the familiar music is clothed in a new sound, the pianissimos seem to come from “a piano without hammers”, as Debussy wanted it. But an instrument needs a master to sound great, and Hiroko Sasaki does marvels with these 24 character pieces, full of atmosphere, caprice and imagination.

Composer: Claude Debussy
Artist: Hiroko Sasaki (piano)

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Préludes, Book 1, L. 117:
0:00:00 Danseuses de Delphes
0:02:48 Voiles
0:05:44 Le vent dans la plaine
0:07:36 “Les sons et les parfums tournent dans l’air du soir”
0:10:30 Les collines d’Anacapri
0:13:20 Des pas sur la neige
0:16:53 Ce qu’a vu le Vent d’Ouest
0:19:50 La fille aux cheveux de lin
0:22:11 La serenade interrompue
0:24:29 La Cathedrale engloutie
0:29:37 La danse de Puck
0:31:52 Minstrels

Préludes, Book 2, L. 123:
0:33:55 Brouillards
0:37:00 Feuilles mortes
0:39:59 La Puerta del Vino
0:43:07 “Les Fees sont d’exquises danseuses”
0:45:48 Bruyeres
0:48:38 General Lavine–eccentric
0:50:56 La terrasse des audiences du clair de lune
0:55:02 Ondine
0:57:54 Hommage a S.Pickwick Esq. P.P.M.P.C.
1:00:18 Canope
1:03:02 Les tierces alternees
1:05:29 Feux d’Artifice

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