Domenico da Piacenza: Rostiboli gioioso, Voices of Music: Leonardo da Vinci program (Rostibuli) 4K

In this video

The 15th century dance “Rostiboli gioioso”, by Domenico da Piacenza, performed on shawms and percussion. Live, 4K from from our award winning Leonardo da Vinci program.
Malachai Bandy & Rotem Gilbert, shawms
Peter Maund, frame drum
“Rostiboli” (or Rostibuli) is one of the earliest dance tunes. The dance was very popular, and is mentioned in Italian, French, English and Scottish sources with many different versions of the name (in Scottish, “Rusty Bully”). The tune may have begun as a popular song, and most likely means “roasted and boiled.”
The original manuscripts present just the unaccompanied tune along with detailed choreography for the dance steps; for this performance, the players have added a countermelody and percussion part, as was typical for the style of the time.
The tune is ascribed to Domenico da Piacenza, who authored the book “De arte saltandi et choreas ducendi”, the first full book of dance instruction in Europe. The book is an important source for dance music as well as the dances and dance tempos in the early renaissance.


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