🍷Drink a glass of wine and playlist with a luxurious atmosphere

당신 의 마음 을 편안 하게 만들어 주는’베이 지멜로 우’입니다. It’s “Beige Mellow” that makes you feel at ease.I hope you have a happy day today too. 🔔 Please Subscribe! Https://bit.ly/2CZ4iF5

[Play List]
[05:25]2.고서이-A song from southland
[10:14]3. Gosei-Montmartre
[13:54]4. Gosei-Late Autumn
[18:56]5. Gosei-Atelier
[23:56]6.고서이-Love Blows As The Wind
[28:30]7. Go Seo Yi-A Little Prayer
[33:15]8. Gosei-Butterfly
[36:59]9. Gosei-Iris
[40:49]10. Gosei-Morning Rondo
[44:38]11. Go Seo Yi-Secret Diary
[48:44]12. Gosei-Missing you
[53:51]13.고서이-Romantic Dream
[58:27]14. Gosei-My Canon (Cello)
[01:02:53]15. Gosei-Red dragonfly
[01:07:53]16. Go Seo Yi – Song For You
[01:12:45]17.고서이-Little Flowers
[01:16:09]18.고서이-Melody garden
[01:20:05]19. Go Seo Yi – Old Man_s Dance
[01:23:20]20. Go Seo-Yi – A Prayer (Cello)
[01:27:35]21. Gosei-My Eucalyptus
[01:33:25]22. Gosei-Photo Album
[01:37:40]23.고서이-Memory Of The Sea
[01:42:18]24. Gosei-Star
[01:47:29]25. Gosei-Sailing Of Life (Sailing of Life)
[01:51:48]26. Gosei-Twinkle Twinkle
[01:54:32]27. Gosei-November
[01:58:50]28. Gosei-Waiting For Spring (Waiting for Spring)
[02:04:20]29.고서이-When You And I Were Young, Maggie
[02:08:16]30. Go Seo Yi-Love in Autumn
[02:11:17]31. Go Seo-Yi – The Way Home
[02:14:49]32. Gosei-Painted times(with clarinet) 🔔 All sound sources used in ‘Beige Mellow’ are used with a confirmed license, and since they are copyrighted sound sources, they cannot be used outside of the channel or as BGM. All songs at ‘Beige Mellow’ are properly licensed and protected. They cannot be used out of this channel nor as BGM for 3rd parties’ content.


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