Durlet: Violin Sonata Illuminated Tales & Other Music

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Composer: Emmanuel Durlet
Artists: Kyotaka Izumi (piano), Eloit Lawson (violin), David Cohen (cello)
Born into a family of architects, the pianist, piano pedagogue and composer Emmanuel Durlet was only 16 when he obtained his degree in piano studies with the highest honours from the Royal Flemish Conservatoire of Music in Antwerp. Following an esteemed career as a performer, proving himself as a piano virtuoso of the highest level, he entered a new compositional phase in 1933.

All of the works on this new recording date from this period, and Durlet prefers to give his pieces evocative titles that often describe the mood or feeling of the music itself. This programmatic element is constant in his entire oeuvre. The rather unusual title of The Refuge of your Eyes, for instance, can be explained by its composition in April 1946, as Durlet was recovering from major surgery on his left eye; and the Miniature for little Aunt was written in memory of ‘Tanteke’ (Auntie), Durlet’s father’s sister. His highly distinctive melodic lines and rich and, at times, surprising harmony make Durlet’s music easily recognisable, and are a common feature of his music. Of particular beauty are the Old-Flemish Melodies and Dances, originally penned for the harpsichord in 1757 by Robert d’Aubat de Saint-Flour, a dancing-master in the city of Ghent. Durlet turned these pieces into a string of fine pearls for the piano, with suggestive titles such as ‘The Shepherds’, ‘The Mouse’ and ‘The Three Kisses’.

Three award-winning artists, all of whom have played with the world’s leading orchestras and achieved success in a number of international competitions, perform Durlet’s music for violin, cello and piano.


00:00:00 Emmanuel Durlet: Illuminated Tales Sonata for Piano and Violin “Eulogy of the Inner Life”: I. Andante religioso
00:06:48 Emmanuel Durlet: Illuminated Tales Sonata for Piano and Violin “Eulogy of the Inner Life”: II. Appassionata
00:12:01 Emmanuel Durlet: Illuminated Tales Sonata for Piano and Violin “Eulogy of the Inner Life”: III. Andante sostenuto “Funeral Stele”
00:18:36 Emmanuel Durlet: Illuminated Tales Sonata for Piano and Violin “Eulogy of the Inner Life”: IV. Allegro vivace “The Temptation of Saint Anthony”
00:24:35 Emmanuel Durlet: This Night Be Gentle to You
00:27:12 Emmanuel Durlet: Paraphrase on “My Mother Tongue”: I. Solemne – II. Murmurando. Con fuoco (Arr. Peter Benoit)
00:33:56 Emmanuel Durlet: The Refuge of Your Eyes

Emmanuel Durlet: Old Flemish Melodies and Dances:
00:45:43 I. Prelude
00:46:48 II. Chicanery
00:47:36 III. Tenderness
00:48:10 IV. The Shepherds
00:49:44 V. The Virgin
00:50:27 VI. Effrontery
00:51:08 VII. Noble Titles
00:52:08 VIII. Village Ways and Customs
00:52:41 IX. The Mouse
00:53:12 X. The Savoyards
00:54:10 XI. The Lansquenets of Burgundy
00:55:08 XII. Albrecht and Isabella
00:56:39 XIII. Burlesque
00:58:14 XIV. The Three Kisses
00:59:55 XV. Complaint at Twilight
01:01:25 XVI. The Lace Worker
01:01:58 XVII. Peasantry
01:03:02 XVIII. Campine Folklore
01:03:35 XIX. The Lumberjacks

01:05:17 Emmanuel Durlet: Miniature for Little Aunt
01:07:39 Emmanuel Durlet: Canzonetta for Violin & Piano

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