Easy Studies For Guitar Volume 2

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Composers: Alexandre Tansman, Franco Cavallone, Ivan Patachich, Manuel María Ponce, Stephen Dodgson
Artist: Cristiano Porqueddu (guitar)

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This second volume in the 3-part series of Easy Studies for Guitar (the first was released in December 2016, BC95402) continues to focus on lesser-known modern compositions that lend themselves to teaching the guitar. The aim of the series is to further awareness and understanding of musical idioms that do not necessarily reflect traditional preconceptions of classical harmony. The selection by Cristiano Porqueddu was determined by a number of features: music without a strong sense of tonality; a wide range of timbre; and a polyphonic conception of the instrument.

Volume 2 begins with the second collection of 12 Easy Pieces for Guitar by the Polish composer, Alexandre Tansman – the first collection having been included within Volume 1. These delightful, elegant studies reveal meticulous construction and a certain constancy of form that speak for the composer’s inventive skill. Stephen Dodgson (1924-2013) wrote works for the guitar that attracted the attention of outstanding performers such as Julian Bream and John Williams: these Transitional Studies call for more advanced skill than the other works on the album.
Unlike the other works here, the limpid collection of Ten Progressive Studies by the Italian guitarist and composer Franco Cavallone (1957) does not aim at improving technique, but at helping the player master control of sound and colour. The Hungarian composer Iván Patachich (1922-1993) wrote two collections of Gyermekdalok gitárra (Children’s Songs for Guitar) published in 1978, a series of fresh, original vignettes that belie the composer’s remarkable technical skill and elegance.


Composer: Alexandre Tansman
12 Pièces faciles pour guitar:
0:00:00 I. Promenade
0:01:34 II. Berceuse
0:03:23 III. Boîte à joujoux
0:05:17 IV. Air populaire
0:06:04 V. Nocturne
0:07:47 VI. Petit chant
0:09:10 VII. Menuet
0:10:19 VIII. Appel
0:11:24 IX. Valsette
0:13:01 X. Barcarolle
0:14:19 XI. A l’espagnole
0:15:38 XII. Etude

Composer: Stephen Dodgson
12 Transitional Studies for Guitar:
0:16:30 I. Allegro non troppo
0:17:27 II. Allegretto scherzando
0:18:56 III. Andante sostenuto
0:21:49 IV. Andante con moto
0:22:33 V. Allegretto
0:23:52 VI. Poco lento
0:25:51 VII. Moderato ed espressivo
0:30:03 VIII. Andante calmo
0:32:17 IX. Allegro deciso ma non troppo
0:33:22 X. Poco allegro
0:34:14 XI. Agitato
0:35:16 XII. Molto moderato

Composer: Franco Cavallone
10 Progressive Studies:
0:38:10 I. Moderato
0:40:19 II. Tranquillo
0:41:58 III. Moderato
0:43:12 IV. Allegretto
0:44:11 V. Andante mosso
0:45:37 VI. Calmo ed espressivo
0:48:17 VII. Mosso
0:49:24 VIII. Moderatamente
0:55:22 IX. Allegretto
0:57:30 X. Andante poco mosso

Composer: Ivan Patachich
Children’s Songs for Guitar:
0:59:02 I. Balazs-nota
1:01:27 II. Aranykapu
1:03:24 III. Fehér Liliomszal
1:06:57 IV. Kiskutya
1:09:14 V. Hívogató

Composer: Manuel María Ponce
6 Short Preludes:
1:11:20 I. Moderato
1:12:41 II. Andante
1:13:22 III. Moderato
1:14:18 IV. Andante espressivo
1:15:27 V. Allegretto con moto
1:15:57 VI. Allegretto

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