Fitzwilliam: Virginal Book, Vol 5

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Composer: John Munday, Thomas Tallis, Thomas Morley
Artists: Pieter-Jan Belder (harpsichord)

Pieter-Jan Belder continues his superb survey of the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, an extraordinary manuscript compiled in the late 16th century and held in the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. In this, the fifth volume, Belder explores the music of some of the Book’s best known composers, such as Thomas Tallis, John Munday and Thomas Tomkins. Some of these pieces reflect the zenith of Elizabethan and Jacobean keyboard music: the sweet melody of Munday’s ‘Goe from my window’ is still popular today, and his somewhat doleful ‘Munday’s Joy’ is a miniature but perfect example of the harpsichord innovations of the time. Taking inspiration from the medieval tradition of organ improvisations added to a sung offertory, Thomas Tallis’s ‘Felix namque’ showcases the composer’s masterly use of polyrhythms, shifting accents and tempo changes over a static cantus firmus. Thomas Morley – a student of John Byrd – regularly wrote for consorts of instruments, betraying a highly polyphonic style in his keyboard music. The final Thomas – Tomkins – was also a student of Byrd. As one of the last of a dying breed of virginalists, his short but exquisite pieces here highlight the ultimate perfection of the virginalist style.

00:00:00 Munday’s Joy
00:01:24 Fantasia III
00:04:57 Fantasia II
00:08:29 Goe from My Window
00:13:14 Robin
00:15:21 Pavana IV
00:18:06 Variatio V
00:20:54 Galiarda VI
00:22:37 Variatio VII
00:24:35 Muscadin XIX
00:25:16 Pavana M.S. XVI
00:27:25 The Irishe Ho-Hoane XXVI
00:28:28 Praeludium XXV
00:29:47 Pavane XXVII
00:32:37 Variatio XXVIII
00:35:59 Galiarda XXIX
00:37:51 Variatio XXX
00:40:04 Alman XX
00:42:01 Praeludium XXII
00:42:53 Felix namque I, CIX
00:51:59 Praeludium “El. Kiderminster” XXIII
00:53:05 Felix Namque II, CX
01:03:19 Can shee CLXXXVIII
01:05:06 Alman CLII
01:06:37 Pavan CLXIX
01:12:23 Galliard CLXX
01:15:19 Nancie XII
01:19:58 Pavan CLIII
01:25:44 Galiard CLIV
01:28:10 Morley Fantasia CXXIV
01:33:44 La volta CLIX
01:35:03 Worster Braules CCVII
01:36:27 Pavana CXXIII
01:43:19 The Hunting Galliard CXXXII
01:45:15 Pakington’s Pownde CLXXVIII
01:47:28 The Irishe Dumpe CLXXIX
01:48:49 The King’s Morisco CCXLVII
01:49:54 A Toye CCLXIII
01:50:52 Dalling Alman CCLXXXVIII
01:52:08 Watkins Ale CLXXX
01:53:03 Coranto CCXXI
01:54:20 Alman CCXXII
01:55:30 Corrãto CCXXIII
01:56:24 Corranto CCXXIV
01:56:58 Corrãto CCXXV
01:58:10 Corrãto CCXXVI
01:59:16 Alman CCXXVII
02:00:56 Corranto CCXXVIII

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