Fitzwilliam Virginal Book Volume 7

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Composer Giles Farnaby, William Byrd
Artist Pieter-Jan Belder

harpsichords Adlam Burnett, 1980, after Ruckers, Titus Crijnen, 2014, after Ruckers
muselar Theo de Haas, 1980, after Ruckers

Now into its seventh volume, Pieter-Jan Belder’s series continues to uncover more works from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book. In this volume he turns his attention to the works of father and son Giles and Richard Farnaby, William Byrd, and selected anonymous works.

The book and its manuscripts provide us with an insight into Elizabethan and early Jacobean socio-cultural life. After the dissolution of the monasteries in 1536 by Henry VIII followed by Mary Tudor’s blood-soaked crackdown, it was clear that being a Protestant in Tudor England was risky business. Once Queen Elizabeth took the throne in 1558, she established a moderate form of Protestantism and halted the campaign of religious persecution. But the damage was already done, and many composers decided to steer clear of religion altogether and focus their efforts on secular music. (It is thought Farnaby was probably a Puritan sympathiser and Byrd hailed from a protestant background, although he switched to Catholicism later in life.) The
Fitzwilliam Virginal Book is a vital record of such works. Compiled in the late 1700s, the book today resides in a dedicated museum in Cambridge.

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Giles Farnaby:
0:00:00 Alman R. Johnson set by Farnaby CXLVII
0:01:20 Grounde CCXL
0:06:45 Bony sweet Robin CXXVIII
0:11:42 A Gigge CCLXVII
0:13:09 Fantasia CCXXXIV
0:16:11 Praeludium CCXLVI
0:17:18 Fantasia CCVIII
0:21:56 The flatt Pavan CCLXXXIV
0:25:12 Fantasia CCXCVI
0:29:39 The L. Zouches Maske CCXXXIX
0:32:31 Fantasia CCXXIX
0:36:28 Tower Hill CCXLV
0:37:28 Fantasia ‘Ay me, poore heart’ CCXXXIII
0:40:14 Daphne CXII
0:46:00 Fantasia CCXXXVIII
0:49:12 Rosseters Galliard CCLXXXIII
0:51:29 Walter Erle’s Paven CCXXXV
0:56:48 Spagnioletta LIV
0:58:44 Up tails all (Giles) CCXLII
1:05:05 A Duo (Richard) CCXLVIII
1:06:40 Put up thy Dagger, Jemy (Giles) CXXVII
1:10:24 Nobodyes Gigge (Richard) CXLIX
1:13:01 Hanskin (Richard) CCXCVII
1:17:53 Why aske you (Giles) CCLXXXVI
1:19:51 Fayne would I wedd (Richard) CXCVII

William Byrd:
1:20:45 Pavana ‘Delight’ E. Johnson set by Byrd CCLXXVII
1:26:08 Galiarda CCLXXVIII
1:27:54 Miserere a3 CLXXVI
1:29:57 Miserere a4 CLXXVII
1:32:19 Callino Casturame CLVIII
1:34:19 The Earl of Oxford’s Marche CCLIX
1:38:03 Pavana ‘Bray’ XCI
1:42:42 Galliard XCII
1:44:21 Fortune LXV
1:48:18 Alman CLXIII
1:49:32 Galliard CLXIV
1:51:09 Monsieur’s Alman LXI
1:55:38 Monsieur’s Alman Variatio. LXII
2:02:46 Alman CLVI
2:04:20 A Gigg CLXXXI
2:05:26 Pavan CCLVI
2:10:06 Ut, mi, re CII
2:16:24 Wolsey’s Wilde CLVII
2:17:55 Praeludium XXIV
2:19:00 Alman LXIII
2:21:32 Corranto CCXLI
2:22:48 Pescodd Time CCLXXVI
2:29:35 The Ghost CLXII
2:32:17 O Mistris myne LXVI
2:37:53 Sir John Gray’s Galliard CXCI
2:39:53 Gipseis Round CCXVI
2:45:10 Malt’s come down CL

2:47:23 A Medley CLXXIII
2:53:00 Corranto Lady Riche CCLXV
2:54:26 Heaven and Earth CV
2:57:05 Praeludium CLI
2:58:59 A Toye CCLXVIII
3:00:05 Why aske you CLXI
3:01:11 Allemanda CCLXXIV
3:03:19 Praeludium CXX
3:04:50 Corranto CCLXVI

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