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Composer: César Auguste Franck
Artists: Adriano Falcioni (organ)

About this Album:
The grand swell and floating poetry of César Franck’s works for organ have long given rise to descriptions such as musical incense, which focus on their numinous spiritual address, perhaps at the expense of their ingenious construction, which may owe much to a Wagnerian, leitmotivically inspired process of continuous development but also to older models of the French organ school – and which in turn became influential for the next two generations of French organ composers such as Dupré and Duruflé.

The Three Chorals and the Pièce héroïque are relatively well known now, at least in recital (their technical difficulties place them beyond the reach of many church organists, and a few church organs, come to that), but beyond those late and deeply intimate explorations are some spectacular transformations of Bachian counterpoint into 19th-century showpieces such as the Final in B flat.

00:00:00 Six Pièces: Fantasy in C, Op. 16
00:12:17 Six Pièces: Grande pièce symphonique, Op. 17
00:34:58 Six Pièces: Prélude, fugue et variation, Op. 18
00:45:20 Six Pièces: Pastorale, Op. 19
00:54:29 Six Pièces: Prière, Op. 20
01:08:07 Six Pièces: Final, Op. 21
01:19:11 Trois Pièces: Fantasy in A
01:32:28 Trois Pièces: Cantabile
01:38:22 Trois Pièces: Pièce héroïque
01:46:45 Trois Chorals: No. 1 in E
02:01:34 Trois Chorals: No. 2 in B Minor
02:15:00 Trois Chorals: No. 3 in A Minor

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