G.F. Handel: Concerto in B Flat Major HWV 325, Largo & Allegro; Voices of Music

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The Opening Largo and Fugal Allegro from the Concerto in B Flat Major, Opus 6 No. 7, of George Frideric Handel. Handel’s Opus 6 Concertos were written as a response to the Opus 6 Concertos of Corelli, but in a very different–and very original–style. Concerto No. 7 is a model of refinement, with excellent countersubjects and innovative motivic development in the fugal allegro.
HD Video from the Voices of Music Lamentations of Jeremiah concert, April, 2014.
Voices of Music
David Tayler & Hanneke van Proosdij, directors
Elizabeth Blumenstock, Maxine Nemerovski
Kati Kyme & Gabrielle Wunsch, baroque violins
Shirley Edith Hunt, baroque cello
Lisa Grodin, baroque viola
Farley Pearce, violone
Hanneke van Proosdij, baroque organ
David Tayler, archlute



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