Georg Muffat: the rules of violin bowing, David Wilson and Voices of Music

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Violinist and musicologist David Wilson explains Georg Muffat’s Rules of Bowing in this educational video from the Early Music ensemble Voices of Music. Muffat’s rules of bowing are one of the most valuable sources for our knowledge of 17th-century string playing.
As a young man, the composer Georg Muffat traveled to France where he saw first hand the legendary orchestra of Jean-Baptiste Lully. As well as being a great composer, Muffat is an authority for the techniques of bowing string instruments from this time, as well as a foundational source for the Early Music revival. In this video, David Wilson outlines and demonstrates Muffat’s ten rules of bowing.

This video is part of the Voices of Music Worldwide Music Education Initiative. David Wilson’s book may be purchased here

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