Giya Kancheli: Miniatures for Violin and Piano

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Giya Kancheli
Artist: Andrea Cortesi (violin)
Marco Venturi (piano)

About this Album:
Any album of music by the Georgian composer Giya Kancheli is eagerly awaited by a wide audience receptive to his particular, post-Soviet voice, which has touched the hearts and minds of many thousands of listeners through his music for both film and concert hall during a career spanning seven decades and the rise and fall of Communism. Kancheli’s music tends to be associated with particular artists, who have been eloquent advocates for his work: the conductor Djansug Kakhidze, the violinist Gidon Kremer and violist Uri Bashmet, all of whom have shown long-standing dedication and thorough understanding of an idiom that requires some patience and deep concentration on the part of both performers and listeners to reap rewards.

00:00:00 Miniature No. 1
00:02:38 Miniature No. 2
00:06:49 Miniature No. 3
00:09:25 Miniature No. 4
00:11:21 Miniature No. 5
00:14:02 Miniature No. 6
00:15:59 Miniature No. 7
00:18:21 Miniature No. 8
00:21:13 Miniature No. 9
00:24:26 Miniature No. 10
00:27:40 Miniature No. 11
00:30:10 Miniature No. 12
00:33:31 Miniature No. 13
00:35:50 Miniature No. 14
00:38:25 Miniature No. 15
00:42:30 Miniature No. 16
00:44:30 Miniature No. 17
00:47:17 Miniature No. 18
00:49:28 Rag-Gidon-Time


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