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The early-music cellist Renato Criscuolo and his Musica Perduta ensemble have specialised in reviving vocal and chamber music by Italy-based composers from the 17th and 18th centuries, producing well-received albums of Francesco Maria Zuccari (94306), Nicola Porpora (95279), Pergolesi (94763), Handel (94426) and others.

Composer: Rocco Greco
Artists: Musica Perduta, Renato Criscuolo bass violin

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Their latest album revives the name and the music of Rocco Greco, a cellist-composer who can be considered the founder of the distinguished Neapolitan cello tradition that later produced more renowned names such as Lanzetti and Caporale. Few personal details are known of Greco’s life. He lived in Naples during the second half of the 17th century, dying there at some point before 1718. As an instrumentalist recorded as working in the Viceroy of Naples’ private chapel, he was known for his virtuosity on the bass violin, a forerunner of the cello and tuned one tone below it. The bow was held underhand, like a viola da gamba.

Composer: Rocco Greco

00:00:00 Sinfonia prima: I. Largo assai
00:01:54 Sinfonia prima: II. Allegro
00:03:21 Sinfonia prima: III. Allegro
00:04:51 Sinfonia decimasesta: I. Largo-Presto-Piano
00:07:04 Sinfonia decimasesta: II. Corrente
00:09:13 Sinfonia seconda in D Minor: I. Grave
00:10:10 Sinfonia seconda in D Minor: II. Allegro
00:12:50 Sinfonia seconda in D Minor: III. Corrente
00:14:30 No Title)for Violin and B.c.
00:15:35 Sinfonia decimaquarta: I. Grave
00:17:13 Sinfonia decimaquarta: II. Allegro
00:19:19 Sinfonia decimaquarta: III. Loquebantur
00:22:43 Sinfonia decimanona: I. No Tempo Indication
00:24:48 Sinfonia decimanona: II. No Tempo Indication
00:27:25 No Title for Violin and B.c.
00:28:38 Sinfonia viggesimasesta: I. No Tempo Indication
00:30:30 Sinfonia viggesimasesta: II. No Tempo Indication
00:31:39 Sinfonia terza in G Major: I. Grave
00:32:56 Sinfonia terza in G Major: II. Allegro
00:35:44 Sinfonia terza in G Major: III. Corrente
00:37:02 Nno Title for Violin and B.c.
00:38:09 Sinfonia quarta in G Major: I. Allegro-Largo-Allegro
00:39:53 Sinfonia quarta in G Major: II. Balletto
00:41:47 Sinfonia quarta in G Major: III. Corrente
00:44:15 Domus mea
00:50:02 Sinfonia viggesimaprima: I. No Tempo Indication
00:51:37 Sinfonia viggesimaprima: II. No Tempo Indication
00:52:33 Sinfonia quinta: I. La prima viola suona li numeri
00:53:44 Sinfonia quinta: II. Allegro
00:55:37: No Title for Violin and B.c.
00:57:02 Sinfonia viggesima: I. No Tempo Indication
00:58:57 Sinfonia viggesima: II. No Tempo Indication
01:00:24 Sinfonia viggesimaottava: I. No Tempo Indication
01:01:47: Sinfonia viggesimaottava: II. No Tempo Indication
01:02:55 Sinfonia terza in G Major: I. Grave
01:04:06 Sinfonia terza in G Major: II. Allegro
01:06:28 Sinfonia terza in G Major: III. Corrente

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