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This album contains the 9 suites by Georg Frideric Handel. Presented by Piano Classics, a label of Brilliant Classics.

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Following the success across Europe of his eight ‘Grand Suites’ for harpsichord in 1720, albeit in a doctored and pirated edition, Handel resolved to make good on his promise of a sequel, ‘reckoning it my duty with my small talent to serve a Nation from which I have received so generous a protection.’

At length this occurred, with the appearance in 1730 of a second volume, now containing nine such suites, though again the composer’s responsibility for its publication remains unclear. Handel appears eventually to have entered into cooperation with the London publisher John Walsh once the Royal Privilege he had secured for the printing of his own works had expired. Thus a radically revised edition of the suites appeared in 1733-4, and it is this that Scipione Sangiovanni has recorded.

Like the Grand Suites, the second volume contains both original and arranged music for keyboard composed throughout Handel’s career, though heavily weighted towards his youth: virtually all the contents predate 1706 (the exceptions being HWV 434 from before 1717/8 and HWV436 from between 1721 and 1726). Having received no further attention from the mature composer, they retain a sense of the confident if sometimes undisciplined exuberance of his youth. They include the grand, standalone G major Chaconne HWV 435 as well as a still more expansive example of the form, HWV 442.

Composer: Georg Frideric Handel
Artist: Scipione Sangiovanni (piano)

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Suite in B-Flat Major, HWV 434:
00:00:00 I. Praeludium
00:02:18 II. Sonata
00:04:29 III. Aria con variazione
00:08:45 IV. Minuetto 5

00:12:35 Ciaccona in G Major, HWV 435

Suite in D Minor, HWV 436:
00:23:52 I. Allemande
00:27:25 II. Allegro
00:28:58 III. Air
00:31:59 IV. Gigue
00:33:52 V. Minuetto

Suite in D Minor, HWV 437:
00:38:56 I. Allemande
00:41:21 II. Courante
00:42:46 III. Sarabande con variazione
00:46:24 IV. Gigue

Suite in E Minor, HWV 438:
00:47:18 I. Allemande
00:50:12 II. Sarabande
00:54:11 III. Gigue

Suite in G Minor, HWV 439:
00:55:59 I. Allemande
01:02:22 II. Courante
01:05:51 III. Gigue

Suite in B-Flat Major, HWV 440:
01:10:33 I. Allemande
01:12:55 II. Courante
01:14:25 III. Sarabande
01:17:22 IV. Gigue

Suite in G Major, HWV 441:
01:18:52 I. Allemande
01:20:57 II. Allegro
01:24:48 III. Courante
01:27:58 IV. Aria
01:29:38 V. Minuetto
01:33:17 VI. Gavotto
01:36:07 VII. Gigue

Ciaccona in G Major, HWV 442:
01:38:52 I. Praeludium
01:40:06 II. Ciaccona con variazioni

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