Heller: Piano Studies

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Composer: Stephen Heller
Artist: Jan Vermeulen (piano)

Are piano exercises boring? They do not have to be if you combine the talents of composer Stephen Heller and pianist Jan Vermeulen. Almost every amateur pianist on a slightly more advanced level will have come across Heller. This French/Hungarian composer wrote mainly for the piano. There are over 150 Opus numbers. But he is best-known, or perhaps rather despised for his Piano Studies or Etüden. However, having mastered the necessary technique any pianist will enjoy playing these pieces. For Heller has succeeded in composing exercises which have remained real music as well.
In this release, pianist Jan Vermeulen stands up for Heller by playing the bulk of his piano studies, amounting to 80 pieces. His flowing performances do justice to the musical content of the pieces and make the listener forget any possible hang-ups this music might have caused him or her in the past.

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