How to play Vivaldi’s Spring from the Four Seasons – Alana Youssefian, baroque violin

In this video

In this video, Alana Youssefian gives some examples of how violinists can use their technique to depict the scenery of Vivaldi’s “Spring” concerto. Accompanying the music of this concerto is a sonnet describing the beauty and excitement of Spring: chirping birds, flowing streams and bombastic storms. By experimenting with where they position the bow on the strings, as well as changing the articulation in the right and left hands, violinists can paint a glorious picture as they perform this concerto.
Alana’s performance of the full concerto, Spring RV 269:
For more information on Alana Youssefian, visit her website and artist page:
Ms. Youssefian filmed this video as part of the Voices of Music Recording at Home program.
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