J.S. Bach: Clavier Ubung, Dritter Teil

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Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
Artists: Matteo Messori (keyboards)

For this SACD recording, musicologist Matteo Messori has chosen three appropriate historical instruments. And after thorough research he succeeded in adding something new to the presently available recordings.

Profound performances by Matteo Messori. This Italian keyboard player and musicologist also founded the Cappella Augustana which has made several recordings for Brilliant Classics. Messori is preparing more solo Bach recordings for this label.

Published in 1739, the third part of the Clavier Übung was J.S. Bach’s first organ music to appear in print. It contains preludes on the Catechism and other hymns. It is also his most voluminous and important collection for this instrument. Generally the music requires three keyboards, including a pedalled one.


00:00:00 Praeludium Pro Organo Pleno, BWV 552/I
00:10:38 Kyrie, Gott Vater in Ewigkeit, BWV 669: Canto Fermo in Soprano a 2 Clav. Et Ped.
00:14:40 Christe Aller Welt Trost, BWV 670: Canto Fermo in Tenore a 2 Clav. Et Pedal
00:19:44 Kyrie Gott Heiliger Geist à 5, BWV 671: Canto Fermo in Basso Cum Organo Pleno
00:25:39 Kyrie Gott Vater in Ewigkeit, BWV 672: Alio Modo Manualiter
00:27:13 Christe Aller Welt Trost, BWV 673
00:28:48 Kyrie Gott Heiliger Geist, BWV 674
00:30:44 Allein Gott in Der Höh Sey Ehr à 3, BWV 675: Canto Fermo in Alto
00:33:59 Allein Gott in Der Höh Sey Ehr à 2 Clav. Et Pedal, BWV 676
00:39:38 Allein Gott in Der Höh Sey Ehr. Manualiter, BWV 677
00:40:52 Diess Sind Die Heiligen Zehen Geboth à 2 Clav. Et Ped., BWV 678: Canto Fermo in Canone
00:46:04 Fugetta Super Diess Sind Die Heiligen Zehen Geboth. , BWV 679: Manualiter
00:48:09 Wir Gläuben All An Einen Gott, BWV 680: in Organo Pleno Con Pedale
00:51:43 Fugetta Super – Wir Gläuben All An Einen Gott – Manualit. , BWV 681
00:53:20 Vater Unser Im Himmelreich , BWV 682 à 2 Clav. et Pedal è Canto Fermo in Canone
01:01:19 Vater Unser Im Himmelreich, BWV 683 : Alio Modo Manualiter
01:03:11 Christ Unser Herr Zum Iordan Kam, , BWV 684 à 2 Clav. è Canto Fermo in Pedal
01:08:20 Christ Unser Herr Zum Jordan Kam, BWV 685: Alio Modo Manualiter
01:10:19 Aus Tieffer Noth Schrey Ich Zu Dir à 6 , BWV 686: in Organo Pleno Con Pedale Doppio
01:18:02 Aus Tieffer Noth Schrey Ich Zu Dir à 4, BWV 687: Alio Modo Manualiter
01:24:23 Jesus Christus unser Heyland, der von uns den Zorn Gottes wand a 2 Clav. e Canto fermo in Pedal BWV
01:29:17 Fuga Super Iesus Christus Unser Heyland à 4 Manualiter, BWV 689
01:35:47 Duetto I, BWV 802
01:38:26 Duetto II , BWV 803
01:42:18 Duetto III, BWV 804
01:45:27 Duetto IV, BWV 805
01:48:47 Fuga à 5 con Pedale Pro Organo Pleno, BWV 552/II

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