J.S. Bach Complete Edition Vol. 2

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This selection gives you a beautiful impression of the J.S. Bach – Complete Edition’s second volume. For the complete second volume (18 hours) and Complete Boxset, please check the following links:

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Online purchase or streaming (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Play):
Vol. 1: https://brilliant-classics.lnk.to/bachvol1
Vol. 2: https://brilliant-classics.lnk.to/Bachvol2
Vol. 3: https://brilliant-classics.lnk.to/Bachvol3
Vol. 4: https://brilliant-classics.lnk.to/Bachvol4
Vol. 5: https://brilliant-classics.lnk.to/Bachvol5
Vol. 6: https://brilliant-classics.lnk.to/Bachvol6
Vol. 7: https://brilliant-classics.lnk.to/Bachvol7
Vol. 8: https://brilliant-classics.lnk.to/Bachvol8
Vol. 9: https://brilliant-classics.lnk.to/Bachvol9
Vol. 10: https://brilliant-classics.lnk.to/Bachvol10

The full tracklist can be found in the comments section below!

Johann Sebastian Bach’s stature as a composer of extraordinary talent and widespread influence is so firmly established in Western culture that it is difficult to believe that only 150 years ago his works lay in veritable obscurity, unknown to all but a small group of scholars. It is largely thanks to ohn, who essentially effected a revival of the composer’s music through his rediscovery and promulgation of the St Matthew Passion, besides other pieces, that his works are today regarded as pinnacles of music expression. That they are among the most performed and widely attended is in no doubt; in Holland alone, thousands of singers and musicians are involved in dozens of performances of the St Matthew Passion in Holy Week, with hundreds of thousands listening in churches and concert halls, or gathered around the radio, to what has been described as ‘the Gospel according to Bach’.

The collection Contains 142 CDs (112 hours) representing the entirety of Johann Sebastian Bach’s oeuvre in historically informed performances. This includes all 200 sacred cantatas recorded for Brilliant Classics on period instruments and sung by the Holland Boys Choir.


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