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The year 2004 commemorates the 150th anniversary of the birth of Leos Janacek, one of Czech’s most famous and original composers.

Janacek’s music is highly personal, his language immediately recognizable: short, almost aphoristic motives form the basis of a highly dramatic discourse.

His piano works include the famous Piano Sonata (written after the death of a man during a worker’s demonstration), the highly attractive cycle “On an overgrown path” (short pieces of sometimes violent, sometimes painfully intimate emotions), the cycle “In the mist”, and series on Czech and Moravian folk melodies.

Norwegian pianist Hakon Austbö already recorded extensively for Brilliant Classics (Satie, Brahms Klavierstücke, Grieg Lyrische Stücke), and proves himself again a true master in the short form, completely identifying himself with the composer and his inner thoughts.

00:00:00 Sonata I.X.: I. Foreboding
00:05:59 Sonata I.X.: II. Death
00:12:51 On an Overgrown Path, Pt. 1: I. Our Evenings
00:16:08 On an Overgrown Path, Pt. 1: II. A Blown Away Leaf
00:19:36 On an Overgrown Path, Pt. 1: III. Come with Us!
00:20:15 On an Overgrown Path, Pt. 1: IV. The Madonna of Frýdek
00:24:17 On an Overgrown Path, Pt. 1: V. They Chattered Like Swallows
00:26:28 On an Overgrown Path, Pt. 1: VI. Words Fail!
00:28:32 On an Overgrown Path, Pt. 1: VII. Good Night!
00:31:01 On an Overgrown Path, Pt. 1: VIII. Unutterable Anguish
00:34:10 On an Overgrown Path, Pt. 1: IX. In Tears
00:37:08 On an Overgrown Path, Pt. 1: X. The Barn Owl Has Not Flown Away!
00:41:04 On an Overgrown Path, Pt. 2: I. Andante – Un poco piú mosso
00:44:22 On an Overgrown Path, Pt. 2: II. Allegretto – Poco mosso
00:47:21 On an Overgrown Path, Pt. 2: III. Vivo – Presto (Completed by H. Austbø)
00:49:07 In the Mist: I. Andante – Poco mosso
00:52:30 In the Mist: II. Molto adagio – Presto
00:56:56 In the Mist: III. Andantino – Poco mosso
01:00:11 In the Mist: IV. Presto – Meno mosso – Andante
01:04:32 Tema con variazioni
01:14:48 In Remembrance
01:16:26 Ej, danaj!
01:18:21 Music for Gymnastics
01:23:21 To My Olga
01:23:57 On an Overgrown Path, Two Rejected Pieces: I. Più mosso
01:26:28 On an Overgrown Path, Two Rejected Pieces: II. Allegro
01:31:26 Moravian Dances: Dymák – Starodávný – Valaška – Požehnaný – Pilky – Kalamajka – Trojky – Sekerecka – Kolo – Celadenský
01:39:40 6 Miniatures: I. Lord Jesus Christ Is Born
01:40:21 6 Miniatures: II. Moderato
01:41:29 6 Miniatures: III. Without Title
01:42:04 6 Miniatures: IV. Cradle Song
01:42:57 6 Miniatures: V. Melodie
01:43:27 6 Miniatures: VI. Palace of Malostranský
01:44:32 Moravian Folksongs
01:52:29 A Recollection
01:54:26 Intimate Sketches: I. Merely blind fate?
01:55:27 Intimate Sketches: II. So That One Could Never Return
01:56:37 Intimate Sketches: III. The Golden Ring
01:56:50 Intimate Sketches: IV. I Am Waiting for You!


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