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Janácek’s suites “In the Mist” and “On an overgrown path” contain miniatures of the most hearbreaking intimacy, from deep sorrow and melancholy to utter bliss and joy. In the works by Hungarian Zoltán Kodály there is a direct and palpable connection with the folk music of Hungary and Transsylvania. This beautiful program concludes with an exciting rendition of the Marosszek Dances.

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Composer: Leoš Janácek & Zoltán Kodály
Artist: Klára Würtz (piano)

This album contains In the Mist and On the Overgrown Path by Janácek and five piano work by Kodály, presented by Piano Classics, a label of Brilliant Classics.

Klára Würtz, Hungarian by birth, knows the secret language of this music, her musical intuition finding the most telling melodic inflections in this speaking music. Klára Würtz made over 35 CD’s. Her Schubert Impromptus recording for Piano Classics (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBg_JVFWPsw) received rave reviews from the press

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Leoš Janácek:
In the Mists:
0:00:00 I. Andante
0:03:33 II. Molto adagio
0:08:08 III. Andantino
0:11:13 IV. Presto-meno mosso

On the Overgrown Path, Book I:
0:15:27 I. Our Evenings
0:19:03 II. A Blown-away Leaf
0:21:57 III. Come with Us!
0:23:09 IV. The Madonna of Frýdek
0:26:31 V. They Chattered Like Swallows
0:28:36 VI. Words Fail!
0:30:24 VII. Good Night!
0:33:27 VIII. Unutterable Anguish
0:36:39 IX. In Tears
0:39:11 X. The Barn Owl Has not Flown Away

Zoltán Kodály:
7 Piano Pieces, Op. 11:
0:42:43 II. Rubato, parlando
0:44:46 III. Allegretto malinconico
0:46:07 VI. Poco rubato

0:49:29 Méditation sur un motif de Claude Debussy
0:54:58 Marosszék Dances

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