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Composer & Artist:
Composer: Nicola Jappelli
Artists: Andrea Dieci (guitar), Nicola Jappelli (guitar) (7)

About this Album:
Nicola Jappelli is an internationally renowned guitarist, regularly performing in his native Italy and further afield. This disc presents several of his compositions for the instrument. Jappelli’s works encompass a number of different styles, from minimalism to expressionism, with a focus on form and clarity. The work Orizzonte ad Est is a homage to several Eastern European composers from the 20th century, with a focus on Shostakovich, while Fly Far Away is a dialogue between two guitars, constantly moving between tension and relaxation, for which Jappelli joins Andrea Dieci in performance.

Several of the works in the collection were composed expressly for Dieci, including Overshadow (Notturno), and Light Frameworks, Sectional Drawings and Sharp Outlines, which form a compositional series, written for Dieci, which centres on the integral role of rhythm and the way which it contributes to composition.

00:00:00 Light Frameworks: I. Moderatamente
00:02:43 Light Frameworks: II. Vivace e ritmico
00:06:48 Sectional Drawings
00:13:35 Sharp Outlines
00:22:20 Interlude. Luglio ’95
00:25:35 Orizzonte ad est
00:33:35 Fly Far Away for Two Guitars
00:40:53 Sei Intonazioni: I. Tranquillo
00:43:00 Sei Intonazioni: II. Con slancio
00:44:58 Sei Intonazioni: III. Andante mosso
00:48:08 Sei Intonazioni: IV. Deciso: mosso e ritmico
00:51:06 Sei Intonazioni: V. Andante calmo ed espressivo
00:55:16 Sei Intonazioni: VI. Adagio
00:57:38 Nocturne. Overshadow

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