Lawes: The New Old Albion

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Composer: William Lawes
Artists: Il Caleidoscopio Ensemble

Il Caleidoscopio is a bright young early-music ensemble based in Milan, and this is their debut album, featuring not the usual fare of trio sonatas and concerti grossi from their native country but a musical journey around 17th-century England, centred on the London of Byrd and Playford, which was indeed one of the musical capitals of the world at the time.

Their international outlook reflects their membership: the Australian Lathika Vithanage (violin), Noelia Reverte Reche from Spain (viola da gamba) and Flora Papadopoulos from Greece (harp), joined here by the lutenist Michele Pasotti. They have already given concerts at the major early-music festivals in Rome, Milan, Ravenna and farther afield.

00:00:00 Harp Consort XI: Fantazy
00:04:48 Harp Consort IV: I. Aire
00:06:52 Harp Consort IV: II. Aire
00:08:08 Harp Consort IV: III. Corant
00:09:52 Harp Consort IV: IV. Saraband
00:13:05 Faronells Division on a Ground
00:20:21 Pavana the Earle of Salisbury
00:24:39 Galiardo
00:26:05 Divisions in E Minor “for the Practice of Learners”
00:32:31 Prelude in G Minor
00:33:39 Harp Consort VIII: Paven
00:40:37 Duke of Norfolk or Pauls Steeple
00:43:25 The Bells, T 435
00:50:08 Suite IV “for Several Friends”: I. Pavan
00:54:46 Suite IV “for Several Friends”: II. Almand
00:56:09 Suite IV “for Several Friends”: III. Courante
00:57:37 Suite IV “for Several Friends”: IV. Ayre
00:59:39 Suite IV “for Several Friends”: V. Saraband, jig

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